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Chilling Adventures of Sabrina Episode 6 Written Updates and Reviews


Netflix is full of series and movies which comes. Many of them are just heart throbbing and Netflix oriThe Chilling Adventures of Sabrina season 1 episode 6 starts with Sabrina getting relaxed after trapping the Batibat and then she goes to Ms. Wardwell as she saw her in dreams when Batibat was troubling her. She asks who are you. Ms Wardwell becomes scared and asks her to come inside. She goes in and says please tell me who are you and how you came in my dreams. She says please sit and i will you everything. Wardwell says that i am just taking care of you. Sabrina asks you are spying on me. She says your father asked me to do so. She says Aunty Hilda and Aunt Zelda are there for me then why you.

Wardwell tells that she was the student of Mr. Spellman and then became his secretary. She tells that his father wanted to change the ideology of the Dark world and letting the witches marry other persons whom they like, like he did. Then why he asked you to take care of me, Sabrina asked. Wardwell says because i loved him.

Sabrina thinks my father has betrayed me and he kept so many secrets. She asks Wardwell to go away and not to spy on her again

Sabrina calls her boyfriend and asks if he will hurt her or not. He says no i am not going to do this. Rosalind sees some creatures and gets scared as other friends. Aunt Hilda goes on date and becomes confused about what to say.  Sabrina talks to his brother Ambrose and tells him everything. Ambrose says bring her hair and i will make her teeth fall down. Sabrina says i am going to clean my room so that no more spying will be done.

Aunt Zelda goes to the Father Blackwood and checks the baby of his. Father Blackwood asks till when they will be able to know the gender of this baby. Zelda says it needs some time. Zelda asks Father blackwood to go out. His wife tells that Father Blackwood wants a boy as heir of the Dark World.

Sabrina goes to High school and she gets to know that his uncle attacked them. Harvey and Roz being attacked. Roz says she saw Uncle Jesse and he terrified him. Roz tells she was so scared and he was telling horrible things. Sabrina says may be it was a nightmare. Sabrina asks Susie not to go again in that room of Uncle Jesse.

Harvey says i saw something and why you do not believe me. Ms Wardwell comes and asks her to come with her but she denies. Sabrina goes to room and tells aunties that she is in a big trouble. She tells that her mortal friends are talking about the demon’s possession. She says he attacked Harvey. Zelda says we are not going to indulge in the matter of mortals. Sabrina says they are my friends and i need to save them, today they are talking about demons and may be next they will talk about witched. Zelda says this is a rare scene and you should ask them to stay away from the affected as it will lead them to become vulnerable to the attacks as demons plays on fear. Sabrina tells that they all have some fear.

Sabrina asks Ambrose to do astral projection and leave her soul in the Jesse’s room then she will come to know which demon is affecting the Harvey and what it wants and i will be harmless as i will not be having anybody which demon could attack.

Ambrose does her astral projection and she goes in the Jesse’s room. She asks what you want. He says i am residing in his body and gets to know his name is Maerscci. Suddenly she gets something and she rushes to Jesse’s place. She says i believe you Harvey and i think i should figure it out. She says i wanna go in those mines when Jesse was affected.

Harvey says i am not going to let you go in those mine alone. They both goes down and Ms Wardwell comes. Sabrina says why you are following me. Suddenly Harvey shouts and Sabrina goes to him. She kisses him and says you are the bravest.

A doctor comes to Jesse’s place and asks about him. Susie’s father tells that in childhood Jesses loved to wear girl’s clothes and everyone used to make fun of him. Susie shouts and says it is not linked with what Uncle Jesse is now.

Sabrina goes to the Academy of Unseen Arts and asks Father Blackwood that if witches can perform exorcism. He says no witches are not allowed to do so. Sabrina asks what they can do then. She asks if they can banish a demon. He says some demons can be banished. Sabrina gets to know that after Jesse will die that demon will move to her friends, she becomes scared. Ms Wardwell comes to her home and tells Aunties everything. Sabrina gets shocked.

Ms Wardwell says you can perform exorcism as per the rule of Edward Spellman. Zelda says no. Ms Wardwell persuades Sabrina to do so. She says let us go now and we have to save them. Zelda says witches are not allowed to perform exorcism and you have no right to do so. Sabrina says i am not asking for your permission. Hilda and Ms Wardwell goes with Sabrina to perform Exorcism. Zelda thinks how can she compromise her niece’s safety by allowing her to go with some stranger.

They all goes to Uncle Jesse and Sabrina starts chanting spells. She gets nervous. Ms Wardwell says she can do this. Sabrina chants louder along with Hilda and Ms Wardwell. They all gets some powers and suddenly Sabrina loses hopes. That demon says that you are impure and your parents died because of you, Sabina gets hopeless after listening this. Powers decrease and situation becomes out of control Sabrina says i cannot do this then Zelda comes in and helps her doing exorcism. They successfully complete the exorcism and go home. Father Blackwood comes there and says your family has been involved in exorcism which are against rules of Church of Night.

Zelda takes the advantage of the situation and says you have a good news father that your wife is carrying twins. Father Blackwood gets calm and becomes interested in what Zelda is saying.  Ambrose says i am housebound. Zelda says talk to your boyfriend Luke. Ambrose says i am housebound and i cannot do anything. Luke goes to some coffee shop and there he asks for coffee. Hilda was there as a waitress and asks his name. He says i am Luke. Hilda smirks and asks his last name. Luke tells his last name and she gets amazed. Then Hilda prepares the coffee and adds something in it. At home Phone rings and Zelda goes to pick that. Zelda gets to know that Jesse passed. Sabrina gets shocked.

She talks to Susie and says she is sorry to hear her loss. Susie says now he is now free. Sabrina cries and goes to Ms Wardwell. She asks why they were not able to save uncle jesse. She says you did a great work and you saved his soul. Sabrina continues crying. Flashback appears and it is seen that after the exorcism, Ms Wardwell goes to the room of Uncle Jesse and makes his puppet. She does some magic and kills him. He gets killed. She thinks Sabrina wants to do exorcism and she wants to fulfill her wish.

She eventually puts some needle in the puppet and Jesse dies. She is emerging out as a mystery which is not solved yet. Ms Wardwell is really protecting Sabrina or actually she has some creepy motives behind all her doings, the suspense persists.