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Chilling Adventures of Sabrina Episode 7 Review, Written updates


The Chilling Adventures of Sabrina Episode 7 starts with Sabrina seeing the blood in front of her house. She rushed and asked what is happening. Zelda along with Hilda sits with Sabrina and tells about the Feast of Feasts and that is similar to the mortals Thankgiving. They tells that they need to participate in the feast of feasts and a lottery is drawn and decided who will be the queen and that queen is rewarded. Sabrina asks then what Queen gets. Sabrina is told that queen is eaten by the fellow witches. Sabrina becomes shocked and says that is like murder and how can this be possible. Zelda says we are invited and we like it or not we are going to participate. She tells that ladies participate and as Hilda is excommunicated then Sabrina and i are left but we have decided that I am going to draw the lottery.

Sabrina says no you are not going to do this as after mother and father i have only you and i cannot lose you. She says that’s sweet but we have decided and i am going to draw the lottery.

Chilling Adventures of Sabrina, Kiernan Shipka
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Ms Wardwell teaches in the class and says this Thankgiving we are going to dig out the history of our families. She asks Harvey how his family came here and owned the mines. He says i do not know. Susies also gets home and asks about her family history.

Roz also goes to her grandmother as she was blind. She says i can see every thing by my cunning. She tells that i knw Roz soon you are going to become blind too as this is the curse given by the witch and our girls in every generation will be blind. Roz cries. Harvey also gets to home and asks his grandfather that how they get to own the mines. He says we came here and some people lived on the hills, they were so weird. After they were gone we tend to keep that land and those mines. Harvey belongs to family of hunters but he is an innocent guy.

Sabrina goes to the Academy of unseen arts and there she gets to know that Prudence also got the invitation to participate in the lottery. Prudence was so happy to participate. Sabrina asks how you can be so happy to be sacrificed. She says this is the biggest honour what every witch wishes for. The day comes for the lottery. Everyone stands and takes out the chits. Zelda stands there and Sabrina comes. She says no this is not going to happen and i will withdraw the paper. She stands there and takes one paper.

Prudence wins the lottery and she gets to become the Queen of the Feast. Sabrina takes a relief. Prudence is going to be sacrificed in coming three days. She gets there and becomes handmaiden of the queen who will take care of the queen for the coming days.

Lady blackwood comes and panics. She panics as she is having blood. Sabrina comes to home and asks what happened. Zelda asks her to bring tea for Lady Blackwood. Lady Blackwood cries. Zelda tries to calm her down but she becomes aggresive. Sabrina brings the tea and Lady Blackwood asks if this is poison. Zelda says ofcourse not its just tea and you just have it and then we will check your blood pressure. Lady Blackwood whispers that demons will kill their child. She says i do not want to lose my babies. Sabrina says what happened.

Lady Blackwood says i am not going to leave my children’s right and they will come to the world before anyone else. She says i hate those weird sisters and will kill them one by one. One of them is going to die and then others are of no use. Sabrina says why you are accussing them. Lady Blackwood says they are sluts. She goes.

Sabrina and Zelda discuss why Lady Blackwood was saying those harsh words. Zelda says legitimate and illegitimate both children can claim to the seat of the High Priest and may be she is insecured about what will happen to her children if Prudence will take that state. Sabrina goes to Prudence, she was getting fitted for her feast of feasts dress. Sabrina says Prudence may be you are chosen by the Lady Blackwood so that you can get kill and clear her way. Prudence says you are not allowed to say anything about them.  Sabrina says you always said that Father Blackwood has always treated you like his daughter and what if you are really his daughter. Prudence says how you know and he is charitable and that’s why he does this. Sabrina says you are being trageted by Lady Blackwood so their legitimate heir can take rule of the Church of Night. She provoke Prudence that she fears you will show rights on the school and the Church which basically belongs to them.

Prudence says it is Dark Lord’s wish and i have complete faith in Dark Lord. Prudence says do you even have any proof what you are saying. Sabrina says all those words which were said by the Lady Blackwood are the proof and she planned something and called out your name for the sacrifice so that you will be washed away from her way. She also tells that Lady blackwood was also holding the lottery bag. Prudence becomes shocked and so as her sisters.

Sabrina says she will be murdering you in front of entire coven. Prudence asks what you think we should do. Sabrina asks what you doing and we should have dinner. Susie sees her grandmother. Harvey and Tommy talks to each other and Tommy says happy thankgiving. Sabrina calls Lady Blackwood and Mr. Blackwood. She says shall i eat. Father blackwood says thank you queen Prudence for the sacrifice for the coven. Ms wardwell drinks wine and sees a pizza delivery boy and and she gets her in.

Hilda makes dessert and Sabrina brings that to the dining table. That cake comes. Lady Blackwood eats cakes. Father Blackwood says he became High priest when Edward died and Dark Lord says we should return to our old traditions as sometimes old is best. Sabrina says are you enjoying Lady Blackwood, she says i am thrilled by it. Sabrina says so what about you prudence, are you enjoying and we will miss you after you are gone. Her sisters say that they will miss her a lot, Father Blackwood says indeed. Lady Blackwood says no i am not going to miss you, everyone looks in shock. She says she is a bastard. Sabrina asks when is the last time you cast a spell Lady blackwood, She says on the day of lottery, everyone gasps. What spell did you cast the, Lady Blackwood says to favor Prudence to be the queen. Father Blackwood says why did you do that.

She says because they are sluts and your seeds, Father Blackwood becomes shocked. Lady Blackwood says that you are also a slut and that is trouble for my children. Constance says why i am unburdening myself like this. Prudence says as Queen wanted a special cake on her last supper. Cake of truth and no one can lie after eating that. Father Blackwood becomes so angry and says how dare you Constance to interfere with the Dark Lord’s wish. Have you any idea which you brougth upon then. Prudence says are you my father then. Father blackwood says yes i am your father and Prudence says where is my mother, Father blackwood says she threw herself in the river because i would not marry her. Other sisters asks are your daughter too.

He says no you are just orphans. Prudence cries and says Dark Lord does not wants me to be his queen. The coven must meet right now to be called so that new lottery will take place. Sabrina says or we can just tell them why this is coven is called and you have another option of cancelling this feast of feasts forever. Prudence says i want to wear this dress and sit on the throne of skulls. Prudence sits and everyone sings songs. People thinks what is happening Father Blackwood says each year feast of feasts is happening but Prudence will not be fulfilling the duty of Queen. Everyone shouts and says we want feast. They become outrageous and out of control.

A girl comes and cuts his throat and says Praise Freya. Everyone becomes shocked. They all gasps. Father Blackwood says here is our feast. Everyone stands and starts to eat her. Hilda comes and tells Luke and Ambrose that some bodies are coming.

Zelda becomes frustrated and comes home. Sabrina asks Aunt would you have let them eat me if i would be the Queen. Prudence asks what are you doing sisters. They says we are praying as you are saved after the feast.