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Chilling Adventures of Sabrina Episode 8 Recap and Review


The episode 8 starts with Ambrose asking her sister that why she is not eating anything. She says she is fasting after what she saw in the coven and those witches are, eating the human. Ambrose tells her that he asked Luke to talk to the Church so that his conviction could end. Zelda comes and says everyone rush as we have a lot of work to do. Sabrina asks what happened Aunt Zelda. She says bodies are coming in any time and we need to rush.

Sabrina asks if there is no ritual regarding the Black Friday of Witches, She says no, Sabrina says as mortals are busy in shopping on their black fridays. Zelda gets a call and says no we have not heard. She gets to know that there is an accident in the mines. Sabrina gets shocked and goes to the mines and asks have you seen Harvey Kinkle. Suddenly Harvey says hi Sabrina. She kisses him and says you are fine. Harvey says Tommy is in and he has to save him. Tommy goes in and says he has to find his brother.

He goes in but does not find anything. He bleeds and Sabrina says first look at you and you are bleeding, it needs to be stitched. Roz and Susie comes and Susies goes inside the mines and brings the hat of Tommy. Susie says i have not find Tommy. His father comes and says we cannot go and dig now as the mine is collapsed. Harvey says we have to. Harvey becomes sad and sits and he says Tommy saved me and pushed out of the way and i just ran. This is what i do and i cannot help him. Harvey says i am chicken again. Sabrina says no you are not. Harvey thinks how he get to the mines. Sabrina remembers how she cast the spell.

Sabrina tells him that everything is going to be okay. Harvey kisses her hand and asks are you okay. Sabrina says i am fine. They both kiss. Harvey asks would you stay with me. Sabrina says yes. In the morning, Sabrina returns home. Hilda comes and tells she was working all night at the bookstore. Sabrina comes home. Zelda says that here is news for you both and that is unpleasant.

Ambrose tells that Aunt Zee was astral projected by me in the mines and she saw that no one is alive out there. Sabrina becomes scared and says are you sure. Zelda says yes. Sabrina asks we should tell everyone about this as they are searching for everyone in the mines and Harvey is bursting out by thinking about Tommy.

Zelda says we cannot tell anyone even if we knew and we cannot interfere with the mortal world and things should happen in the way they are going otherwise bad things will happen. Sabrina says this is a terrible thing. Ambrose says did you meet Tommy. Sabrina says i met him a few times but he meant a lot for Harvey and he is going to be devastated after hearing this. Harvey becomes ready to search Tommy and then he sees his father talking to some of the bank person. he says let’s go and find Tommy but his father says no we have to stop the search as we cannot risk other lives too.

Harvey goes out and Sabrina asks what happened. Harvey says my dad is an asshole and he has stopped the search by saying that this could affect the lives of others but he is not concerned about his son and talking to the insurance companies about the money. He says he care more about money. He says he is doing his funeral tomorrow and he is rushing as he will not be getting cheque until then. Weird sisters talks and says Kinkle family is died. Prudence listens. Sabrina talks to Hilda. Sabrina asks what happens to the people who die. Hilda says you are talking about Tommy. Hilda says i cannot tell about mortals but about witches. Sabrina says i am scared and curious to know. Sabrina asks how Aunt Zelda brings you back. Hilda says it depends on the soil which is grown in the land and that is the most fertile soil which is found in Cain’s garden.

Hilda says i know you want to try it on the Tommy but you should not. Sabrina says you should not do that. Bookkeeper comes and talks to Hilda. Ms Wardwell also comes and says i am so feared when i got this news and Harvey is fine. She says miners are in stress now. She says how Harvey is protected. Sabrina says i read protection spell on him and that’s how he is saved. She says i was so worried that weird sisters would do harm. Ms Wardwell says i do not think so. Auntie Zee cries and Sabrina sings a song.

Sabrina sits with Harvey. Hilda says your turn Harvey. Harvey goes to th mic and says we are gathered here today. Sabrina cast strength spell on him and he starts to say things. he says its stupid to do his funeral even when we do not know he is dead or not. He says he was my best friend and called me nerd. He said that my dreams are like his dreams and in this world i loved him a lot. Harvey’s father comes and says Tommy valued duties and rituals and he understood the danger and he loved our mines. Harvey says he never loved mines and he does all this because you asked him to do. Everyone gasps. His father asks him to sit down and shut his mouth. He shouts and they fights, The coffin falls and the cap comes out. Harvey goes out. Sabrina asks him to calm down and relax. He says he cannot live with his father anymore without his brother.

He says Tommy was all i had and he saved me and because of me he died. Sabrina says no this is not right. Harvey says look at that Sabrina and tell me. He says look at this he got opportunity to go to football team and out of this shitty town but he never went as he wanted to protect me and take care of me like my father would have done. His father comes and says how dare you to insult me in front of others like this. He says i wish it was not Tommy but you who would have died. He says i wish i would have died in that accident. He raises his hand and then Sabrina asks him to stop. Aunt Zelda comes and stops him. She asks him to leave. Harvey goes and Sabrina stops but he runs. Ms Wardwell asks her to give Harvey some space.

Ms Wardwell and Sabrina talks and says Harvey could not live without his brother. Sabrina tells Ms Wardwell that she has done a lot for her and can she do something else for her. Sabrina says if Tommy would come back then there will not be many questions. Ms Wardwell becomes shocked and says this is such a dangerous thing and asks if she wants to do resurrection spell on the mortals. She says Harvey would not be able to live without Tommy. She says this is Death magic and Sabrina says i am in love with him and i could fix this and if i have the power so why i cannot help him. She says this is so complicated as it involves life, death and afterlife also. Ms Wardwell tells there is a book of necromantic rites in the Baxter High and it yields greater results but this is dangerous.

She says if you will spell out the words right but there is a spell which is unspoken and it involves a danger and we are offering a dead to rise and it uses cosmic forces which needs to be balanced. She says someone has to die if you are making someone alive. Father blackwood comes and says i have seen you have published poetry at Oxford and i have thought to see your case when Lukas asked me to do so. He says my father was killed and i roamed from university to university to find a father figure and then i found one. He was charismatic but devoted to the Dark Lord, A young crowly and i helped him and i was offered the immunity after i tell the names of the person who plotted you and then i will set you free. Father Blackwood talks to Aunt Zelda and she says i fear that my family is now far from the Path of Night. Father says you should prostrate before Dark Lord as one is excommunicated, one is housebound and one is half witch.

She cries in front of him. I am failing father and failing the Church of God. Father Blackwood says we are made of flesh and we are like this and he says my wife also said to be untouched and that is not the Dark Lord’s wish.

Father Blackwood and Zelda looks at each other and starts kissing. Susie sees Dorothea and Dorothea says Putnams have been brave and that is just a beginning.

Sabrina calls Harvey but he does not answer it. At school, Roz talks to Sabrina and says you won’t believe it but it is true. Sabrina says tell me. Roz says when everyone was out and Tommy’s hat fall down and i picked up that then i saw some kind of vision. Sabrina gasps and asked her to tell. Roz says i went to the mines in my vision and saw two girls who were having such dolls in their hands and they were playing with that and it was so weird. Sabrina says yes it is and asks her to describe those two girls in detail.

Sabrina goes to the forest and calls a spell. She asks Prudence to come. Prudence says what you want. She says what happened. Sabrina says your sisters did all that to Harvey.

She says you owe me Prudence and you have to help me and i have a plan. They goes to the Church of Night and Dorcas and Agatha was there. Sabrina asks why you do that. She says because blood needs blood. Sabrina says you killed Tommy. They says why Harvey was not killed. Sabrina slaps Dorcas. Prudence says why you both have not told me about what you are doing and lied to me. She asks whose idea it was. Agatha says Dorcas planned this and i do not know anything. Sabrina asks Prudence to bring them to the woods tonight. Prudence says murder and resurrection and Sabrina is going dark. Sabrina says i can do anything to help my loved ones.

Sabrina goes to the library and gets the Book of the dead. Ms Wardwell sees her. At Night everyone comes and a star is made. Agatha was tied and then then perform resurrection. They all casts spell and hounds becomes active. Second stage comes where the door of the both world opens. Then Sabrina kills Agatha and then bury her. Dorcas asks why they cannot leave her in the woods. She says just do what they are asking. Ambrose comes and asks why are you doing this sister and this is most dangerous thing in the world.

He says What are your friends doing in the Cain’s garden. She tells that resurrection needed one murder and we are doing that but it did not mention that she needs to be dead so after the Tommy will be alive then we are going to make her alive too. She does not need to stay dead. He says there is no cheating in the fate. Agatha comes back. Agatha says where i am. Prudence says you are not allowed to do such things without my permission again. Zelda looks at Hilda and says you are so delighted today. Sabrina thinks everything will be alright.

Sabrina waits and talks to Roz.