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Chilling Adventures of Sabrina Episode 9 Updates of Netflix series


Chilling Adventures of Sabrina is the most loved TV Series till now and it became so popular that the second season is also coming up. In the eight-episode we saw that Tommy Dies and Harvey becomes so upset after that and was not able to handle himself then he cries and lives in his room only. Sabrina was not able to see this thing and she tries to bring back Tommy. She becomes so arrogant and thinks to perform resurrection ceremony to bring back Tommy.

Sabrina talks to them and asks her aunties about how to bring Tommy back but Hilda denies and asks her to keep away from all this stuff. Sabrina says okay i am not going to do this. She goes and asks what is going to be the procedure to perform resurrections. She gets the answer from Ms. Wardwell and goes to her library and borrow the book of the dead.

She goes to the Academy of Unseen Arts and then asks for the help of Weird sisters. Sabrina gets to know that one of the weird sisters has done this. She performs resurrection but it went wrong.

Then Sabrina goes to the Harvey’s place and asks how are you. Harvey says that Tommy is back and he survived as he came back from the mines and he is here. He tells that he is in shock after coming and he is not eating and he is not talking but Doctor said that he will be fine and he is going to recover as he is in trauma. Harvey becomes so happy and filled with joy. She hugs him and Harvey says that he is so happy after seeing him. Tommy did not say anything and sit quietly on the chair. She asks that can she meet Tommy. Harvey says may be not tonight as he needs rest so you can come later.

Ambrose becomes ready for going to the Academy of Unseen Arts and asks how he is looking? Hilda says you are looking awesome my son. You never get a second chance.

Father Blackwood and Zelda gets close and Zelda says if they can meet up in the place which is less damp. Faustus says no we have to keep our devotions secret. He says that Lady Blackwood is not as liberal and i miss the old day when monogamy is just for the mortals and all the witches were polygamous. Zelda says monogamy involves that with the single partner you have to explore all the realms of ecstasy and agony. Father Blackwood says that nothing is more than the birth of my twin children and Lady Blackwood is not the mother which they need and asks Zelda that whether she can be the unholy mother of his twin sons. Zelda gasps and says that would be the honor of becoming the mother of Night.

He also asks that she can take over the classes which Lady Blackwood took as she faints now.

Sabrina says that Tommy is fine till now and he is back. Ambrose says is he talking? She says no he is in trauma and he will not talk for a few days as the doctor says he is in trauma and will be back in a couple of days.

Ambrose asks if you talked to him. Sabrina tells no she did not get the chance of talking. Sabrina says that everything will be fine and he will start eating also. Ambrose gets shocked and asks if he is not eating. Sabrina says its not the matter to worry. Ambrose says i told you cousin that this is not the solution and earth needs balance.

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Prudence and her sisters pray and then Agatha spits out the soil, they becomes so scared. Sabrina talks to Salem and then she sees Nicolas and Sabrina asks how you came into my room. Sabrina says oh you are astral projecting. Nick tells that Agatha is vomiting the earth and it is because of you. Sabrina says we dumped her in the soil, maybe soil went inside her stomach so she is vomiting it out.

Nick says it is more than that and her condition is getting worse. Sabrina says i do not care. Then a third bird comes and Nick says i need to go and asks she really loves that mortal guy and she can do anything for him and even risk someone else’s life. Sabrina says Agatha will be fine. Nick says Harvey will be so grateful to know that you are doing this much for him. He goes. Sabrina asks Salem to go to Harvey’s Place and check on him. Bed creaks and Harvey goes to Tommy. Tommy doesnot sleep and sees in the mirror and he looks weird.

Harvey asks if he is okay. He asks if he is okay or not and he asks him to sit. He says let us look at our memories, he open the albums and says that day we went to a fair and i lost. Then Harvey shows him his picture of football. He says you were rockstar and we all were a fan of you. Salem goes there. Dorothea and Susies talks. Susie’s dad comes in and asks with whom you were talking. She says no one. Her dad becomes worried. Hilda gets a call and says most of the miner’s bodies are recovered. Zelda asks how Harvey is doing. Ambrose says as i am going to the academy. Zelda says i will be there also as High priest appointed me to take the classes as Lady Blackwood is not fine. She says it is such an honor that we are going to be in limelight again. She becomes so happy that Spellman family is growing again as i will be the teacher and Ambrose is also going to the academy then Sabrina also. Hilda becomes shocked. She says we will be restoring the luster to the family.

Sabrina goes to return the book to Ms Wardwell then suddenly Ms Wardwell comes. She asks if you felt that some weird wind blow in the Greendale last night. Sabrina says i do not think so as i was home last night. Wardwell says every dog barked last night and you borrowed the book of dead without my permission. Sabrina becomes scared and says she was not looking for this book but took it by mistake. Ms Wardwell says okay. Roz comes and says that Tommy is alive and how it is possible. Roz says i had the most bizzare dream last night that i was walking in the woods and then hounds were barking and they were fighting for the meat of Tommy Kinkle. Sabrina says if this is the vision you had as you had for the girls in the mines. Sabrina says we can know better by your cunning. She says as you got cunning when you touched the hat of Tommy. She says i cannot control my cunnings. Sabrina says what if you get closer to Tommy then you will surely see something. Roz agrees and says i will try.

Ambrose reaches Academy with Luke and Father Blackwood talks to Ambrose. He says how are you feeling brother Ambrose. He says i am feeling grateful to you Father Blackwood that you invited me here. Luke smiles. Father blackwood says you will be given a familiar of your own. He says this is a lizard. The Chilling Adventures of Sabrina episode 09, The Returned Man includes new twists and turns. Ambrose thanks Father Blackwood for honoring him like this. Faustus says that these are the golden days for the coven and the big reformation is coming soon. Ambrose asks what he can do for him. He says Luke is facing some problems in translating this book. Faustus says welcome home Ambrose.

Luke and Ambrose make out and Prudence comes and tells that Agatha is coughing up dirt. Ambrose says let me think. Prudence says we did this in your property and now you are going to fix this problem. Prudence says that she doesnot care about the mortal but about her sister. Ambrose says he is not expert in this field but he knows someone who is expert in these things and Cain pit.

He thinks of Hilda. Hilda works in a bookshop, Susie comes there and steals the book. Suddenly some boys come and starts humiliating her. She says i have to go. Hilda comes and protects Susie. She asks them to back off and not to bully a person who is smaller than you. She says Get off Billy. He becomes shocked that how she knows his name. He asks how you know my name. She says i know everything about you that what happened when you were small and that is bad but it doesnot mean that you are going to bully someone. They gasps. Hilda says leave the bookstore and this guy is having lust on you otherwise i am going to tell everything about you.

Hilda asks if she is fine and she says you are Sabrina’s friend, Susie Putnam. She leaves and runs. Hilda goes to Academy and analyses the Agatha. She says she has too much earth in her system. Prudence says what should we do. Hilda asks her to get some frizzy water as we need to rebalance her elements.

Ambrose asks what happened Auntie as what you said doesnot makes sense. She says that was done to keep them busy as the dirt which she is vomiting is the gravel which dead are made of and you should not have done that. That means Earth needs balance and it owed a soul and nephew you should pray and what Agatha was doing in the Cain pit at the first place. Tommy sees the tree and Harvey throws a ball and Tommy catches it. Sabrina and Roz comes and becomes shocked. Harvey says he is just reacting like a robot and nothing more.

They all sit and talk. Sabrina asks where is you dad. Harvey tells that he has gone to mine to start reconstructing it and talking to the insurance companies. He says he will be coming. Sabrina asks if he is eating anything. Harvey says no he is just drinking water. Sabrina asks him to bring soup. Roz touches the hand of Tommy and she gets cunning. She walks and hears the noise of babies. She moves ahead and sees Tommy is lost. She gets to hear something that Sabrina comes behind. Roz becomes scared and tells that Tommy was lost in the woods and there was fog. She lies. Harvey’s father comes and asks where is Harvey. Harvey comes and Sabrina leaves. Roz acts weird and Sabrina says i do not understand what crying baby means. Sabrina asks what happened and why you are saying weird things. Susie talks to Dorothea and says Hilda started to say things which she never knew. Dorothea asks are they still witches.

Sabrina says i get to know that where Tommy is. He is in Limbo where the unbaptized souls go. Hilda comes there and listens, Sabrina says i can tell everything. Hilda says you don’t need to as your cousin told me everything in great detail. Sabrina says i was just helping Harvey as he loves Tommy. She says i performed resurrection right but i know what is wrong that Tommy Soul is in limbo where the unbaptized baby’s soul goes. Hilda says i asked you not to do that and it is so dangerous. Sabrina tells about the vision of Roz. Hilda says there are two limbos one is for mortals and one is for Witches and it is impossible for a witch to crossover the mortal limbo. Sabrina says but i am a half witch and i can do that and easily crossover that limbo. Hilda gets angry and says you killed Agatha and she is becoming sick and sick and you are not fixing the things.

Ambrose asks them to come downstairs. Zelda takes the class and they all sing. Suddenly Agatha comes and everyone becomes scared. She says help me please. Zelda sees her and gasps. She takes her up and Agatha lies down. Prudence tells everything to Father Blackwood as he asks why Agatha is turning into a living corpse. Prudence says it is all because of that half witch and she performed resurrection and failed. Prudence says that Sabrina cut the throat of Agatha and then Tommy become alive. Zelda becomes shocked and says that i do not know anything about this Father Blackwood. Father Blackwood says that you cannot control your niece and you asked it many times. so now i am going to fix this problem. Zelda becomes embarassed. Father Blackwood says that Sabrina is your responsibility and you never handled her and she created such a mess.

Zelda asks him to allow her to clean up all the mess which is created by her family. Ambrose takes Hilda and Sabrina into the basement and show how corpse has been eaten by some human. Sabrina says this is done by Tommy. Ambrose says that is why Tommy has not eaten anything as he is not hungry. Sabrina thinks about Harvey. Harvey’s father asks who are you as you are not my son for sure. Harvey says you are drinking since the accident and you are saying like this. His father provokes him and Harvey goes to push him and Mr Kinkle beats him, suddenly Tommy attacks him and His father leaves. Sabrina comes and gives water to Tommy.

Harvey and Sabrina talks. Harvey says there is something wrong with Tommy as he is not reacting and i do not he is my brother or not. Harvey says he met with the accident and he has not any bone which is broken or something. Sabrina says please Harvey promise me that if you are in any trouble then you will run and protect yourself. Sabrina returns home and says Aunties. Zelda comes and shouts that you are not getting anything you want. Zelda says we asked you not to do anything which is against the witch law and you always do things like that.

Zelda says why in the name of Satan you always trouble us and you are involving other witches also in your works. She says you killed a witch and then buried her in the Cain pit and created an imbalance of souls. Sabrina says i did it for Harvey and Zelda asks if he asked you do so, She says no.

Zelda asks Sabrina that how she get the resurrection spell as Ambrose denies that he has not given you the spell. She says i get it from Ms Wardwell. Zelda says oh wow she helped you in this dangerous thing. Sabrina says actually i got this book from her library. Zelda says oh Satan you have started to steal the things now. Zelda says you are a murderer. Sabrina says just for one minute. Sabrina says Agatha did this and there was no natural accident and this is all because of her. Sabrina says i will fix this and bring back Tommy. Zelda says what fix as you spoiled everything and mortal needs to die. Sabrina says no.

Zelda says he belong to the earth and then we are going to do that. Sabrina says i will going to the limbo and then bring back the soul of Tommy. Zelda says you what. She shouts and says we are crossed all our limits in front of Father Blackwood and i have begged in front of him so that we will clean up your mess and to take care of this atrocity ourselves. She says we are standing in the grave and why don’t you understand. Sabrina says i do not care about the Father Blackwood, as i only care about Harvey and his brother and i am going to crossover the barrier of mortals and witches limbo.

Zelda asks her to cry as she is not capable of the magic she will be needing. She is not going to help her and not Hilda also. Sabrina says you do not know what i am capable of doing. Zelda says you are a 16 years old half witch. Sabrina says and you are not my mother Zelda so you cannot control me. Zelda becomes shocked to hear this and everyone gets sad. Zelda goes, Hilda asks Sabrina to shut up and Zelda says she is not a child and i am not her mother. Zelda says everything has a price and Edward learnt this lesson and i learnt this lesson, now its her turn. Zelda asks her not to come crying when life will laugh on you. Ambrose says no one will help you as Aunt Zee says, Sabrina cries and says i have someone

Sabrina goes to Ms Wardwell and says i need your help. Sabrina says i am sorry i lied and i stole the book from your office but i am not sorry for what i did as i cna do anything for the person whom i love. Ms Wardwell says we all have done a lot for the ones whom we love. She tells Sabrina that this is so risky and you should not do that. She says many souls roam there. Ms Wardwell says okay we will do that and a slightest mistake can bring disaster for you. She asks her to stand up and then they go into the woods. Ms Wardwell gives her the thread.

Zelda says we should not have taken Sabrina in as it was my ego that we can raise the child on our own. Zelda says she looked so much like Edward that i was unable to say no to Sabrina. Father Blackwood asks prudence to go to do something and asks them to kill Thomas Kinkle as they cannot trust Spellmans. Prudence and her sister goes to Kinkles and suddenly gets fixed.

Sabrina and Ms Wardwell goes to the woods and then she ties a knot to Sabrina’s hands so that she can track the way back. Sabrina says thank you so much Ms Wardwell. Wardwell asks her to be fast and not to worry as she will open the portal here. Sabrina goes in the tunnel. She sees many souls roaming around. She calls Tommy but she did not find one.

Then she moves ahead in the foggy area then she gets to see her mother. She cries mom, mom but her mother doesn’t recognize her. She says I am Sabrina, your daughter. She says you cannot be my daughter as she is so small and she is baptized and cannot come here. Sabrina cries and her mother says they took my baby after getting baptized. She runs as soul eater comes. Tommy comes there and Sabrina says we need to go as soul eaters are coming. Sabrina cries and says open the portal Ms Wardwell as i have got Tommy. She opens the portal but soul eater got his soul. Sabrina says i have got Tommy’s soul and i can find him again. Wardwell says no Sabrina as Soul eater took his soul. Sabrina becomes sad and says that she promised Harvey that she will bring him back. Wardwell says that another way is that you should tell Harvey. She says okay.

Wardwell thinks that she will be blaming herself only. Susie and Roz talks and Roz says you remember what my Nana was telling about the cunning and it is may be true and i can see things. She says i have seen that Sabrina is a witch and is hiding something from us. Susie says Dorothea also wrote about them. Roz asks what does it mean that she is a witch and she is evil?

Ms Wardwell listens to them and smirks. Sabrina goes to the Harvey’s Place and asks how is Tommy, She says i am about to tell you something and i cannot hide this from you.

Harvey asks what is it and you can tell me. She says i gave him sleep potion, thats is why he is sleeping. Harvey asks what do you mean by potion. She says i performed a ritual to bring Tommy back. Harvey says what are you talking about. Harvey listens that Sabrina says she is witch. Harvey says you have told me before this. Sabrina says in the woods and then i made you forget that. Harvey says what about Tommy. Sabrina says that is not really him. Harvey says he is Tommy. Sabrina says i performed a resurrection spell and to save Tommy but it all went wrong. She says i brought back Tommy’s body but not his soul. Harvey says what are you talking about. Sabrina says he is something else and what i need to put back in the ground. Harvey says you should not have done this and keep Tommy where he was. Sabrina says thats why i am doing this. Harvey gets tensed. Harvey says will it hurt him. Sabrina says now he doensot feel things like we do.

Harvey says i will do it and he is my brother. Sabrina says i am so sorry. Harvey says you need to go Sabrina and i cannot talk to you for a while. Sabrina says i do not want to go