Classic Battle Between MacBook Pro & Surface Specs, Features, Design Comparison

The spanning competitions from the past all to present years in the industry, Apple and Microsoft are fighting against each other for some of their latest releases – the 2016 MacBook Pro and the all new surface studio. Each unit is unique to the industry and has its own uses to its brand. It’s completely understandable that why these comparisons made of the same have been so exhausted.

Difference Between MacBook Pro & Surface

If you know a bit of computer world notes then you might have known that the tug between the apple and the Microsoft has been long and difficult. The companies have proven their potential over the time and when they have given their all to the new Macbook pro and Surface studio then it is really hard to choose between one and the other. It is a laptop versus desktop or mac against windows.

The common thing about both the items is their confidence. Surface studio has been said to revolutionize the understanding of people to use the desktop whereas the Macbook pro will pay attention to the future of the notebooks. As seen, neither company is wrong.

Classic Battle Between MacBook Pro & Surface Specs, Features, Design Comparison
Classic Battle Between MacBook Pro & Surface Specs, Features, Design Comparison

The Macbook Pro retails for about US $2800 as the highest end model. The line up created by the Mac as always, proved out to be more expensive option in the market, but that seems completely legit when it gets compared to the price of surface studio, which is a full fledged desktop. The surface studio by Microsoft has been priced about US $3000.

The Macbook Pro comes in the size of 15-inch and has the touch bar. It is powered by a 2.7 GHz quad core intel i7 processor. It consists of 512 GB of internal storage but can be extended of configured to the internal storage of 1 TB or 2 TB, depending on the requirement of the user. The display size as mentioned consists of 15.4-inch LED backlit screen with IPS technology.

The surface studio is being powered by Intel core i7 processor as well. The inbuilt storage option can be varied from 128 GB to 2 TB HDD. Its crowning glory is a 28-inch pixel sense display with 4500 x 3000-pixel resolution which is build up with 192 pixels per inch. The surface studio is proved to be more efficient and logical choice.  But when the actual needs are noted down, Macbook Pro still has an upper hand for its portability and function.



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