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Improving Air Quality Might Not Help In Stopping Global Warming


Air Pollution is one of the primary sources of global warming as the gasses that emit out of the factories and other places gets trapped up in the atmosphere layer and stops the incoming of the light source to the surface due to which the temperature starts to rise and results in melting of the ice. If the air pollution gets under control, there are chances to save our planet from global warming and a lot of lives. But recent studies found that cleaning air might not help in decreasing global warming as it may result in inversing the effect of warming.


The research at the University of Reading in England conveyed that pollution reacts with clouds differently. The study also expressed that pollution sabotage the cloud, whether it gets thin or pollution make the cloud thick. Velle Toll, who is a meteorologist at the University of Tartu in Estonia conveyed, “Until now, it was assumed that thicker clouds form when water droplets condense around the particles in polluted air, delaying rainfall, and allowing clouds to reflect more sunlight into space.”

To analyze the polluted clouds all over the world, scientists took help of infrared satellite. When the results came in, it came out that the clouds were bright. The scientists analyzed the data with the observations they took from the moon. The comparison between the data showed them the effect of air pollution.

“There was little change in average water content across all the polluted clouds we found, showing that pollution makes little difference overall to many types of clouds. Some clouds got thicker, but other areas thinned out.” The reason for conducting the study was to determine the actions that we must take to prevent global warming as Toll conveyed, “This reduces a big area of uncertainty for future forecasts of the climate.”