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Climate Change Is Taking Over The Islands As They Are Disappearing


The change of the climate on Earth has been there for so many years. The rising temperature and changing climate is leading our planet towards destruction. Climate change has even led people to leave their places and move to other places. The growing emission of greenhouse gasses are leading things to danger and even making the air difficult to breathe.

Image Courtesy: ABC News – Go.com

According to a recent report, there are places where the residents had to leave their houses and move to other places to survive. There are a total of three islands which have demolished into the water and the people living on the island have to evacuate and move to other places. Anote Tong who was the president of the long lost village named Tebunginako, which was situated on the central Pacific Island nation of Kiribati. There was a time when the villagers started to experience the rise in the water level due to the tidal waves which were caused by the heavy winds. The reason behind the rise in the water level was climate change which later led the people to move to other places. There is not any sign of the island anymore as the rise in the water level due to climate change swallowed the whole village. Tong said, “It’s no longer there. What we do have is a church sitting in the middle of the sea when the tide comes in.” Due to the increase in the water level, the crops started to destroy and due to the heavy tidal waves, the ocean water mixed up with the fresh water as the ponds were full of the ocean water which was not safe for the citizens of the village. Kiribati was made of 32 atolls from the year 2003 to 2006. Tong also said, “In the near future, communities may have to relocate. When it hits you directly, it’s very difficult for you to deny it.”