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Condom snorting challenge is getting viral

This is something like put your own life at risk. 


You might have heard about the usage of condoms and the benefits of it as well. But a condom now becomes a point of fun for many where the people are inhaling condoms from their nose and exhaling out it from their mouth. This is something unusual but it is the “Condom Snorting Challenge” which is getting viral nowadays. People are now participating in this challenge for no reason.

This challenge has no proper judgement at all but people are taking part in the same in numbers. It is just you need to unwrap a condom and to inhale it through your nostril. Then you need to pull the condom from your throat. You need to upload a video on YouTube showing everyone about your special skills by which you had completed this challenge. People also seem to tag others to perform the same challenge. It is also updated that the challenge needs to be done by a new condom as the used condom can give way to several complications.

Condom snorting challenge is getting viral

This condom challenge is not something new, but people are doing this for long. It gets viral again and let the people show their so-called skills. If you want to know more about it than you can search for the videos on YouTube but beware the videos might inspire you to do so. People who are ahead to do something like this are advised to use nasal sprays to avoid infections and damage to the nose.

This is something silly to try. As the size of the condom is bigger than your nostril and is made of a substance which can easily get stuck, it can cause a person to choke. This is something like put your own life at risk.