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‘Dance Moms’ Season 8 Release Date Coach Abby Lee Miller Still A Free Woman


Abby Lee Miller, the coach of ‘Dance Moms’ continues to be a free woman, she has given another reprieve once again for her pending court cases. Lifetime might delay season 8, following up many speculating that Abby can finish filming for Dance moms season 7B. but the delay can cause until the coach serves her time in Jail. Feb 24 is the scheduled date confirmed for Abby to appear in court for her sentencing but the delay in hearing has been announced by the Judge Joy Flowers Conti. Conti said ‘the sentencing scheduled for 2?242017 is canceled’. She further added that ‘the sentencing will be rescheduled by further order of the court’.

‘Dance Moms’ Season 8 Spoilers

Theis should not be termed as an indication though that Abby is already free from jail. The delay in the case has reportedly been requested by the government as the U.S. attorney prosecuting the case of Abby asked to be done for the hearing at the later date. Another hearing might happen soon as a prosecutor asked for sentencing to push through the early best possible date to the court Abby’s legal team then took the offer. The representatives of Abby, Brandon Verdream and Robert Ridge  are intend to appeal for fine and probation instead of Jail time as she is only a first time offender.

'Dance Moms' Season 8
‘Dance Moms’ Season 8

The ALDC coach has been indicted to found the currency laws later and found 20 counts on fraud last year. It is to be expected that she has to pay an amount of fees and fines and will have to spend two and a half years in jail. The judge dismissed her claim that her ‘Dance Moms’ money was only a result of the fast rise to fame, during the hearing of January 20. She is found to have allegedly hidden over $755,000from her lifetime show while she declared bankruptcy. Judge Thomas Agresti later figured out when he came across the show, and the charge against her.

There are rumors burping up around that Lifetime might put ‘Dance Moms’ on a long hiatus before season 8 as Abby’s return will an interesting plot for the reality series after her jail time.