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Deep Space Atomic Clock To Be Tested By NASA


NASA has been working hard to deliver their best when it comes to space. NASA is one of the biggest organizations we have in the world. New discoveries and innovations are the reason that makes NASA different from any other space organizations in the world. The past years have been very successful for NASA. In the collaboration with the organizations like SpaceX and Boeing, NASA is just killing it in the field of space. Recently, NASA has decided to send some major equipment to the orbit of the earth which will help them with the navigation of the different objects whether they are planets or any other celestial objects. NASA has been up to sending supplies to space with the help of SpaceX and it is again the time when NASA is going to send their innovations to space in association with SpaceX.

Image Courtesy: JPL – NASA

SpaceX is going take NASA made Depp Space Atomic Clock into the low orbit of the Earth as the reason behind sending the Atomic clock to space is to enhance the defense system. Under the Department of Defense’s Space Test Program-2, SpaceX will be sending 24 satellites to the orbit along with some necessities like the Green Propellant Infusion Mission and two payloads that will serve scientific missions. NASA delivered more details behind the mission in the press conference in which they announced the launch as it is scheduled on June 24. The reason behind sending the Atomic Clock to the low orbit is to gather the details about the magnitude accuracy and persistence and will later be compared with the atomic clock which is present on the surface. The missions that are sent to the Deep Space will be helped by the Atomic Clock as it is going to be way easy for them to navigate while traveling to the Moon and Mars.