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Disney To Start Shooting Of “Aladdin” Movie From July 2017


Disney have found enormous success in recent years adapting their classic animated films into live-action features. Cinderella, The Jungle Book, Pete’s Dragon, Maleficent and the upcoming Beauty and the Beast have all been met with great anticipation and that trend looks to continue with Aladdin.

Aladdin Movie Details

The news comes as a welcome confirmation that Disney is keeping mindful of whitewashing their culturally diverse tales. The studio is taking similar steps for cultural authenticity with their live-action Mulan, sending out a casting call for actors “fluent English and Mandarin Chinese.” The Aladdin audition notice also confirms that the remake will keep the musical elements of the original film, noting that the actors “must be able to sing” and ” dance experience is a plus.”

Disney To Start Shooting Of "Aladdin" Movie From July 2017

A remake of the 1992 animated film, which won Academy Awards for Best Score and Best Song, is in the works at Disney with director Guy Ritchie set to helm, according to one of The Hollywood Reporter. Many of the movie’s musical elements will stay the same, although it is unclear how the Genie—voiced by the late Robin Williams in a career-defining role—will be portrayed.

The poster builds on Disney’s promise of no whitewashing in the remake, by ensuring that at least the Aladdin and Jasmine are of Middle-Eastern origin. Experience of singing and dancing is almost a given in these roles, as Disney’s musical numbers are some of the biggest draws to these movies. Marketing for Jon Favreau’s exceptional The Jungle Book reached a fever pitch with a trailer featuring Bill Murray’s Baloo whistling “The Bare Necessities”, and Beauty and the Beast’s early marketing featured sound-clips of Emma Watson singing.

These songs have a byline straight to the hearts of millions worldwide, so it’s a sure bet that future marketing will build on these strategies. Expect soundbites of the Osar-Winning “A Whole New World” to feature heavily in the marketing for Guy Ritchie’s live-action Aladdin.