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DJI Introduces Its New Osmo Mobile 3


DJI, which is known for its drones and camera equipment, is coming with the new phone named the Osmo Mobile 3. It is a third-generation smartphone meant for the photographers and videographers. The phone is the successor of the 2015 model of Osmo Mobile. The motive of the company is to give a better camera experience to the user and chase their passion for photography and videography without spending too much money. Yes, the phone is way cheap to comfort your pocket and fulfill your desire. The specifications of the new Osmo Mobile is extraordinary.


The new Osmo Mobile 3 is foldable and is very compact and easy to carry. Osmo also has a trigger button, which was also there in the previous model. The trigger button is going to help the user in controlling the gimbal while taking selfies and tracking any object. Osmo Mobile gimbal is going to give you a different and professional feel while recording videos and clicking pictures. The vloggers are going to enjoy this new device, as it will solve the problem of handling the mobile in hand. It is effortless to move the phone from portrait to landscape as all you have to press the button saying M on the phone three times. The feature turns the phone from landscape mode to portrait and vice-versa.

The phone also has an ActiveTrack feature which also comes in the drones by DJI and gimbals. By clicking the trigger button, Osmo Mobile 3 will detect the subject in a blink of an eye. You don’t have to press any buttons for clicking selfie as the company enables the gesture mode. The phone will start the count down when you show your palm. The phone can get fold without even switching it off. It makes it easy for the user to fold and unfold the phone. You won’t miss a beautiful picture with Osmo Mobile 3