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Donald Trump’s New Policy For Disabled Veterans


President Donald Trump signed an order on this Wednesday that will forgive all student loan debt for any permanent disabled U.S. veterans.
U.S. President Donald Trump also gave a speech after signing the policy; he also cleared those eligible veterans from having to pay previous taxes on loans. Trump added that he is forcing all the individual states to follow this.


“all the previous debt of the disabled veterans will cancel,” Trump said
“There is pending hundreds of millions of dollars of student loans pending of our disabled veterans that will be completely canceled.”
Under the current policy, all the disabled veterans can get their debt canceled under Trump’s Loan forgiveness program, with permanent 100% disability rate. Only a few percents of their wounded has taken advantage of the program because of the complicated nature of the application and some other significant factors.
This program is designed to allow those students who took the loan and works for the public service job; their investment will forgive. This policy is also intended to stop loan borrowers from poor practices that are happening in the loan industry.
Robert Cameron will work as the Consumer Financial Protection Bureau. This job is designed to help students; This law passed after the 2008 financial crisis, which made the creation of the bureau.
This policy will also become the most critical and significant point of the 2020 election of the president; executives work to come up as student loan forgiveness. Elizabeth Warren & Bernie Sanders are working on this plan to execute entirely and push out the student’s loan debt nationwide.
There is a total of 1.6 billion dollars student loan debt at this time.
Reports say this.