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‘Dragon Ball Super’ Episode 81 Spoilers Latest News 12th March Show Details


The dragon ball super episode 80 has completely shaken the world of dragon ball. In an awesome way, the fight between Gohan and Lavender ended up with a draw, which was completely unexpected. Both universe 7 and universe 9 must show up their power to raise their rank, otherwise they will be erased by the Omni king, as stated by the grand priest. Gohan Proves That He Can Still Fight.

‘Dragon Ball Super’ Episode 81 Spoilers

Those who have missed to watch the episode 80 of ‘dragon ball super’ have missed a big part of the story as well as an awesome war. Gohan who showed up to his lengthy Hiatus not only performed well but was able to shake ‘ring rust’. Gohan should be declared a winner because of the way in which fight ended.


The winner is to be decided on the last man standing rule and Gohan did stand up for a moment when the fight ended. However, the last decision is to be made by the Omni king and it didn’t seem to be stand enough for the Grand priest Daishinkan so, he declared the match as draw. He had stated that if the universe will lose then everything will be destroyed except for the angels.

Goku wnt on to congratulate Gohan to give an awesome fight which boosted him up to show his skills on the ground. Goku said that he is more ready for the next round by stretching his muscles. Bergamo on the other hand was amused but not intimidated with Goku. The video trailer of episode 81 depicts that Bergamo has the ability to change the size but only in increasing way.

Whereas Goku made a move by kicking on Bergamo’s leg joint, this made him angry. Sources have revealed that Goku might lose in the match and if that happens, the fight record will be 1 – 0 – 1 which means that there will no winner between both the teams. But, he is Goku, who never let down anyone when his planet is on stake.

It has been reported by TOEI animation that they are not going to air any episode on the week of 12 march as they are planning something BIG for the universal tournament arc. The series will continue from 19 march which is going to feature the true strength of Toppu and he is considered to be the next God of destruction.