Home Headlines e-Commerce Giant Amazon Replaces Twitter To Live-Stream 10 NFL Games 2017

e-Commerce Giant Amazon Replaces Twitter To Live-Stream 10 NFL Games 2017


Amazon CEO Jeff Bezos recently made the headlines for becoming the second richest person after Microsoft CEO Bill Gates in the world. It’s obvious that the e-commerce giant is doing quite well for itself. Now it appears like this is not all for Amazon. The company in its constant effort of expanding to other branches, has signed a deal with the NFL to stream 10 Thursday Night football games this year.

Amazon To Live-Stream NFL Games 2017

The report appeared on TechCrunch, who managed to get official confirmation from Amazon. This comes across as quite a surprise as last season, it was Twitter that got into a one-year, $10 million deal with NFL. It appears like the former has decided to ditch the latter and has gone ahead and preferred Amazon over the same.

Those who are interested in streaming the games live will have to be Amazon Prime members. In other words – unlike last year wherein users could watch it for free on Twitter – they will be charged for watching the game this year. The games will also reportedly be available on cable TV on channels: CBS, NBC and NFL network. So interested fans can stream to that as well.

e-Commerce Giant Amazon Replaces Twitter To Live-Stream 10 NFL Games 2017

What remains unclear is how exactly Amazon will be displaying the games. Last year when Twitter streamed the games live, many viewers complained about the timeline of tweets existing next to the game that essentially distracted them from the game. It is certain that Amazon won’t have tweets or messages distracting the viewers, however; it remains to be seen whether there are other problems that will occur during the matches.

The National Football League began a trend last year when it got into a $10 million deal with Twitter and allowed the platform to live-stream games. They appear to be wanting to continuing the trend with Amazon and apparently the latter is paying around $50 million for the 10 games.

Apart from the sum amount, rest remains the same. CBS and NBC will reportedly be covering five games each and Amazon will be streaming a total of 10 games including the ads that come along with them as well. The company said that they might sell ads for slots that remain free.

However, note that Amazon does not have any exclusive selling rights for the game. They have merely got into an agreement with NFL to stream 10 games only.

Amazon as an e-commerce giant has been putting in a lot of effort into changing its brand impression in the minds of the mass. They have been prepping up its growing interest in live sports. In fact, the company’s head of business and development Jeff Blackburn was even heard saying that for Amazon, getting into live-streaming sports is a way for them to bring live sports to their Prime members globally. What we still don’t is whether live-streaming games actually generates much revenue.