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Ear problems could be common for kids who use hand dryers: 13-Year-Old Scientist Claims!


You and not even me was aware of this dangerous side effect of hand dryers to the hearing sensation of our kids. A 13-Year-Old scientist claims that the use of hand dryers may cause ear problems to kids. In detail, according to the report published in the Canadian journal Paediatrics & Child Health, the noise of a hand dryer could be harmful to children’s ears.

Nora Keegan, then in the fifth grade, presents her research findings in 2016. Courtesy of the Keegan family

And the author of this study gave her personal experience that “Sometimes after using the hand dryers my ears could start ringing,”. Young scientist Nora Keegan (13-Year-Old) briefed to NRP media. She added that “I also noticed children would not want to use hand dryers, and they’d be covering their ears while they come in direct or in-direct contact with the noise of that hand dryers.

When was of 9 years, she decided to go in depth of this by testing the volume of hand dryers and she find out if the sound was bearable by children’s hearing. His research confirmed her hypothesis which was later published in June.

“Hand dryers are actually really, really loud, and especially at children’s height since they’re close to the point from where the air comes out,” Nora added. She also captioned her statement that children’s ears are one of the most sensitive portions of the body.

In order to perform this study and to confirm her hypothesis, she had more than 40 visits in different public restrooms in Alberta, Canada in the year 2015 to 2017. She used a decibel metre to hear the sound from different height and distance from the hand dryer.

Nora briefed that her maximum or loudest measurement of sound was 121 decibels from a Dyson Airblade model while Health Canada doesn’t allow toys for children to be sold with over 100 decibels. Toys with a sound of more than 100 decibels could be really hazardous for the hearing of children.