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Ebola again started spreading

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Ebola is a rare deadly virus which causes disease which has several symptoms like fever, diarrhea, and bleeding may be internal or external. There are different types of the strain of Ebola which are fully powerful to make a person sick or extremely sick. It damages the immune system and if the immune system itself is not working then how the body will be able to defend itself against any of the diseases.

Reports are saying that Ebola have been started spreading and its rate of growth have been doubled since September. Health officials said “The rate of new Ebola cases has more than doubled since September after rebel violence in northeastern Congo caused response efforts to be briefly suspended”

33 new cases have been reported from Oct 1 but 41 cases were reported alone in September. That is an alarming situation indeed.

In the war zone, experts had to suspend the Ebola containment efforts as there were the rebel attack. “This is a sign not only that the outbreak is not under control, but that without full engagement from the community things could get a lot worse,” said Dr. Michelle Gayer, the IRC’s senior director of emergency health.


It is one of the most important questions that how Ebola actually spreads. First of all Ebola is not a contagious disease, like other diseases like common cold, cough or influenza. It spreads when a person comes in contact with the fluids of body or the skin of the infected animal. Most common vectors of the disease are chimp and fruit bat. It is first transmitted from animal to human and then it spread from human to human.

Ebola can also be spread by contaminated needles as other diseases also spread. A person who is taking care of the suffering person can also come in contact of the virus and is most likely to catch the disease. Air and water cannot become the medium of transfer of the Ebola virus. Symptoms of the disease could seem as normal one but diagnosing it can reveal the presence of virus.

Symptoms include high fever, headache, Joint and muscle ache. lack of appetite, Sore throat.

In the epidemic, WHO noticed that all the associates working there caught the virus and were infected when present inside or outside the hospitals and clinics. WHO has warned that the risk for Ebola’s regional spread is “very high,” pointing out that Congo’s affected North Kivu and Ituri provinces share borders with Uganda and Rwanda. WHO said the risk for international spread remains low.