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Elizabeth Warren Met Her Duplicate


Confused.? Shocked.? No, Your eyes are not playing with you.
Elizabeth Warren is a Massachusetts Democrat stands with presidential aspirations. The person with whom she is meeting is Stephanie Oyen who looks same to same like Elizabeth Warren. Fans got confused between both of them and by mistakenly took the selfie with her During the Monday’s rally.

If you are still confused, Warren is standing on the right, and Oyen is standing on the left. She wore her old Halloween dress- a blue blazer and clear glasses to look same to same as Warren’s signature look.

Image Credit: Bostonglobal

Organizers had to move out the event outdoor when one person thought that she is Warren and gave a misguided comment that oh my god she is here. Public also got confused because she arrived 20 minutes earlier and grabbed near the front.

After watching her audience started shouting, and people started taking selfies with her even after she said she is not her. Oyen who always have short hairs said this in an interview.
Oyen comes from the Minneapolis suburb of Edina and sh was in the mortgage industry for the entire life.

After the ceremony or speech when Oyen listened her speaking her mind was blown away, and after that when she lined up to take a selfie with Warren it was not Oyen, but it was Warren sho. I was shocked.

After taking the picture, Warren said that she needs to talk to Oyen, so after clicking all the pictures Oyen and Warren had a long conversation.
She was able to tell her that she admires her- Oyen said

Although her costume is always the best, the public also stopped Oyen because she looks like Warren, Oyen said that according to her she doesn’t think she looks like that much same as per according to others.