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Elon Musk Plans To Fly To The Moon


Elon Musk is about to achieve his dream project of sending humans around the Moon. His company, SpaceX, is working back and forth to make its dream come true. SpaceX is going to use its test rocket to build the vehicle which can reach the Moon. SpaceX is working on its new rocket Starship, which is going to be 358 feet long. The company is building the craft for the Japanese Billionaire Yusaku Maezawa, as he is going to travel across the Moon along with some artists to shoot a documentary called, “Dear Moon.”


The mission is to encourage more people to participate in such projects. SpaceX is working very hard on the project in Texas at Boca Chica launch facility. SpaceX tested Starhopper, which is a mini version of Starship; after some fails and glitches, SpaceX managed to check the Starhopper demo successfully. SpaceX tested the new Raptor engines along with Starhopper, and it turned out to be fantastic. “Hopper is set to be retired after the 200-meter hop. As a result, it ‘won’t be moved back from the LZ [landing zone] – ‘it’ll be cannibalized for parts – as the pad will be prepared for Starship MkI. And ‘that’s where it gets fascinating.” conveyed, NASASpaceFlight’s, Chris Bergin on Wednesday.

Elon Musk himself is going to address more information about the Starship project on August 24, but there is already a lot of information revealed by SpaceX on their social media handles. Elon Musk explained about the Starship in which he said that the rocket is going to use Raptor engines which fuel up with methane and oxygen. The ship is going to be very different, and it is going to challenge all other significant methods used in the previous rockets. The Starship is going to use three Raptor engines which will apply 5,400 tons of thrust.