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Facebook is seeking for nude pics from Australian users for a good reason: Report

Facebook took a step against Revenge Porn, Australians can engage themselves now.


World’s most popular social media network ‘Facebook’s is now taking a step ahead in against of Revenge Porn. Facebook is asking its Australian users to send their nude pics in order to avoid revenge porn on social media.

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Facebook has taken Australian government inside this program and Australian government’s office of the Safety Commissioner announced that the pilot program announced by Facebook is to prevent intimate images of users from getting into revenge porn. This can be a positive step towards a ban on revenge porn in world’s largest social media platform ‘Facebook’.

The program launched by Facebook is governed under eSafety and the eSafety officer stated that if a Facebook user in Australia is concerned about an intimate or adult image which is spreading online, then to stop that he needs to fill out a form, and then they need to send the image to themselves using Messenger.

Facebook will get noticed by this and they will make the image matched using their image-matching technology and this will lead to a tag over the image with which no one can share that image. If any user will try to share that image then his account may get suspended for safety measures.

“This partnership gives Australians a unique opportunity to proactively inoculate themselves from future image-based abuse by coming to our portal and reporting tool,” said Julie Inman Grant, Australia’s eSafety Commissioner.

The program is available in three other countries i.e, U.S., U.K., and Canada.

Earlier also Facebook took steps to fight against revenge porn and added an artificial intelligence tool capable of matching photos to prevent them from appearing on social media platforms like Messenger and Instagram.

“These tools, developed in partnership with global safety experts, are one example of how we’re using new technology to keep people safe and prevent harm,” said Antigone Davis, Facebook’s head of global safety, in a statement.