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Facebook New Feature “Messenger Day” Instant Messaging App Launches Worldwide


Facebook started pushing out the Messenger Day feature of its popular instant messaging (IM) app worldwide, the Menlo Park-based social media giant announced on Thursday. The Snapchat-inspired feature allows people to share small moments from their everyday lives and enhance them with a variety of filters, stickers, and live masks. The feature is an extension of Messenger’s built-in Camera functionality that Facebook says has already been used for sending billions of photos and videos all around the world. To build on this functionality, the company started working on Messenger Day, an in-app platform that allows users to temporarily share their recordings with other people on Messenger. All content shared using Messenger Day disappears after 24 hours, meaning the feature works as an in-app version of Snapchat.

Facebook New Feature “Messenger Day” Details

Users can also control the visibility of the Messenger Day posts. The update is rolling out for all users on Android and iOS smartphones. This is yet another blow to Snapchat. Snapchat, on the other hand has been working hard on improving their offering for the Android users. It has been a common opinion that Snapchat cares more for the iOS users, and the company is now working hard to change this perception.

Facebook New Feature “Messenger Day” Instant Messaging App Launches Worldwide

Now a publicly listed company, Snpachat knows that the competition is immense from Facebook, as they are attacking them viciously over the past few months. The Messenger Day update is the latest example of this. Snapchat is now working on their hardware products. They released the Snap Spectacles last year, and are likely to release commercial drones this year.

The global availability of Messenger Day marks another step in Facebook’s endeavor to turn its popular IM app into a fully fledged social network that people can use even if they’re not on Facebook. The company recently introduced a number of new Messenger additions ranging from chatbots and mini-games to social features and in-app shopping. As Facebook’s push to make Messenger more than just a messaging app continues, more similar features are expected to be integrated into the app in the future.