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Facebook New Update Autoplay News Feed Videos With Sound


The main focus of the Facebook is pointing towards the videos lately and its latest updates, announced on Tuesday. Facebook is further trying to make and have the improved video viewing experience on the social media platform. the new featured update will allow the videos in feed to be played automatically (autoplay) with sound in it, while users have to tap on the video to unmute it earlier. An improvement in the update has been made to play in the way of vertical videos and a picture – in – picture view mode to the platform.

Facebook New Update 2017

The interesting thing about the update is that the videos in feed will fade in and out when users got scroll through them.  The important thing to note about the feature will not allow video to play with sound and is going to be played muted only. the new feature has been made optional as some users want to stick with the earlier feature.

Facebook New Update Autoplay News Feed Videos With Sound

The new feature can be disabled easily and can get switched off by checking out the ‘videos in feed with sound’ from settings. The product messages is going to be distributed by the company to tell people about the new sound experience and controls, said by the company in its news post.

Facebook is also focusing on the vertical videos which are viewed in mobile phones on Android and iOS. Users are going to get a bigger preview on the iOS and Android platform. the positive reviews have been generated from users through the initial testing of this feature.

Picture in Picture mode are going to a new experience mode to view the videos on Facebook as they scroll through their feed while watching the video. The users will be able to view the video even outside the facebook ap. Users can drag the video to any corner of the scree, just like the picture in picture mode in the other apps.

The rolling out of the feature is going to be conducted through Apple TV , Samsung smart TV and Amazon’s Fire TV and will allow the facebook videos on their large screens and in a more convenient way.