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Federal Government Proposes a Crackdown on Vaping with an Increased Number of Illness Cases


The federal government of the United States proposed a crackdown on vaping with increases cases of illness caused by vape and smoke. President Donald Trump has announced a new enforcement proposal on Tuesday that will take the sample from the e-cigarette companies and will make the flavored products off from the market.

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The hospitals in the United States are facing an increase in vaping related illness victims. The centers for Disease Control and Prevention had counted at least 450 cases in 33 states, including six deaths which are all linked to vaping an e-cigarette.

Out of the above-mentioned cases, one was of a local man who spent more than a week in ICU (Intensive Care Unit) at the university hospital.

“He came in with some shortness of breath,” said Dr. Shawn Varney, an emergency room doctor at University Hospital and professor of Emergency Medicine at UT Health San Antonio. “And during the course of his hospital stay, he deteriorated.”

Dr. Varney, medical toxicologist, and director of the South Texas Poison Centre contributed his words on the case that the man might catch this illness due to vaping and smoke.

Dr. Varney confirmed that the local man fits the same demographic as the majority of the other people coming with this kind of vaping related illness. He added these are some young kids of ’20s with no medical problems and absolutely no reason to go at this extent of toxic infection.

Dr. Varney also served some social messages. As the first request is not to vape and If, you cannot control then make sure that you get your cartridges from reputable sources. He added “Do not go to the streets. Avoid that because you don’t know what you’re getting. You may be the next victim that ends up in the Intensive Care Unit with a breathing tube placed, dependent on a respirator for a week or so while your body recovers.”