Finally OneDrive For Android Gets Beta Update

If someone is using the application OneDrive then you would be interested in its brand new update. The current version of it for Android is in beta testing. Although the official version should be released really soon. Microsoft has been increasing the output of updates on both Android and iOS for a lot of its product lately. That means apps like OneDrive are being continually seen with new features and improvements, along with new updates added regularly past certain months.

OneDrive For Android Gets Beta Update

Finally OneDrive For Android Gets Beta Update
Finally OneDrive For Android Gets Beta Update

The first new thing to notice in the OneDrive for Android beta update would be you can save space on your device which is known as ‘Clean up Space’. That will allow you to delete your photos from your android device. The best part of this is that you don’t need to do anything to take backup of your pictures from device to the Microsoft account for OneDrive. This app is helpful for people who have lower spaced phones of android. Cloud storage from app allows you to store your videos and photos without using the space on the device. The app is totally very simple and easy as its just one click away.

The feature of space saver specifically is great from the beta update. With this, you will notice that once you reach 1GB of data app will automatically request to remove those things from the device which means one can choose to have the app delete the local copies once they are backed up on the cloud storage. It makes your task easier to not look up to deleting extra copies and also gives quite a free space to add up new things. Even if not using the microSD storage cards then also the app helps in saving data and things from device memory.

Once items are done with uploading, you will get the options as such to leave contents or leave them as it is or just. The official release of Android for the app should come within the next couple weeks or even within just next month.



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