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Finnair begins to weight passengers, an unexpected number of people supported!

Finnair airlines start weighing passengers, it was a voluntary and anonymous survey conducted on last Tuesday & Wednesday.


Finnair, one of the largest airline in Finland started conducting weights of the passengers of their airlines. On last Tuesday and Wednesday Finnair took a voluntary and non-mandatory weight survey on Helsinki Airport.

Finnair Airlines

Around 180 people came forward for participation which was completely unexpected. The process was to gain an idea about the total weight and average weight of a passenger of the flight. The officials just wanted to get sure about the stats which they are having as the last survey was conduct in late 1980.

Paivyt Tallqvist, director for media relations at Finnair confirmed about the weighing process at Helsinki Airport on last Tuesday and Wednesday. “So many people actually wanted to take part in this,” Tallqvist said, “No one is forced on the scale,” she added.

The final programme will be launched in 2018 which will help Finnair to get an accurate stats of the average weight of a male, female and a child passenger who takes flight for transportation. Also, the luggage will also be scaled and a new policy will allow a fixed weight of luggage to carry during flights. This will help in making a proper schedule of weight over each flight.

Tallqvist said it’s common industry practice to calibrate a plane based on average passenger weights provided by the European Aviation Safety Agency, which was based on research from 2009.

“The weight of the aircraft impacts on so many things,” including fuel levels and the speed and balance of the aircraft, said Tallqvist. “We just want to verify that the data we are using is as accurate as possible.”

Finnair is planning to get the weight data of around 2000 passengers including male, female and kids along with their luggage in two different seasons i.e. winter and spring as these seasons intends to carry bulky stuff in form of clothes.