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Fire In Amazon Rainforest


Amazon forest is under fire for the last two weeks, and no step has been taken until now to protect the wood.

Amazon rainforest located in Brazil and fire in that is a global concern as that forest gives us the maximum amount of oxygen.
Fire is getting worse day by day, and the fire season of Brazil has just started, and it needs to stops anyhow.

Image Credit: CNBC

Total of 70,000 fire record has been registered since January this year. This year the fire rate has been increased to 84% from 2018. This issue not only going to effects brazil or nearby regions, but it will also result in a change of temperature all over the world as per the reports of the National Institute for Space Research.

This rainforest also one of the significant parts and helps in the reduction of the level of carbon dioxide from this world.
His condition will get worse and is going to give massive damage to the oxygen level and other factors because this thing happens in September every year till the end of the year.

This year’s records breaking fire is getting everyone’s eye and many of the famous personalities like Leonardo DiCaprio, Jair Bolsonaro and Madonna are donating money to the government so that the government can do something to stop all this.

Everyone is asking the president to chain their policies towards Amazon fire and everyone in this world, taking this concern to social media to spread awareness.
What can we all do to stop this? Scientists and research bodies say that many people around the world are contributing their part towards this issue. deforestation is one of the primary reason for the reduction of oxygen level and burning of the forest.

If you also want to contribute your part, then it’s a request to everyone to plant more and more trees, plants.