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Former female staffers of Franken say: “He treated us with the utmost respect”

Some former female staffers of Sen. Al Franken issued a joint statement in defense of him.


The United States Senator from Minnesota, Al Franken has female defenders. The Sen. Al Franken’s some former female staffers opened up in his defense, says that he treated females with “utmost respect” when they were working under him in his office.

Former female staffers of Franken say: "He treated us with the utmost respect"

The former female staffers’ joint statement came forward on the very same day when the Los Angeles radio news anchor named Leeann Tweeden accused the Democrat of kissing and groping her in 2006 during a U.S.O. tour of the Middle East. She said that she wanted to meet him in order to discuss the sexual misconduct allegations.

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The joint statement has been co-signed by the eight former female staffers of Franken. In addition, these former staffers worked for the Democrat of Minnesota since he was elected to the Senate.

The joint statement reads, “Many of us spent years working for Senator Franken in Minnesota and Washington. In our time working for the Senator, he treated us with the utmost respect. He valued our work and our opinions and was a champion for women both in the legislation he supported and in promoting women to leadership roles in our offices.”

On Friday, the former staffers sent their message in defense of Franken to the reporters. However, the statement doesn’t directly mention that they didn’t hear or experienced any sexual assault or harassment by Sen. Al Franken in his office.

A former spokeswoman for Franken who collected signatures for the joint statement said on Friday, “I can say with certainty to the best of our knowledge that those things did not happen.”

Franken’s another former spokeswoman named Jess McIntosh said on Thursday that she is not going to open about the allegations against Sen. Al Franken.

She tweeted, “I’m doing this one in private, because that’s what will keep me the sanest.”