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Four More Parents Plead Guilty in College Admission Scandal


On Friday, four more parents pleaded guilty for paying bribes in the college to get their kids into top schools. In Boston, an Atherton husband’s wife pleaded guilty in federal court on 21st October in the college admission cheating scheme.

Image Credit: NY Post

Elizabeth Henriquez and her Silicon Valley honcho hubby, Manuel Henriquez, were charged with conspiracy to commit mail fraud and honest service mail fraud. Manuel Henriquez is the CEO of Palo Alto-based Hercules Technology Growth capital. Both were pleaded guilty in Boston federal court to money laundering and conspiracy to commit mail and wire fraud charges for paying thousands of dollars to William “Rick” Singer.

The prosecutors alleged in a court affidavit that a corrupt test proctor working for singer helped their two daughters to cheat on their admission test. The couple also got a fake athletic recruit to Georgetown University for their elder daughter, Isabelle. After the scandal become public, Manuel resigned from his Silicon Valley firm.

On Monday, the other two parents Douglas Hodge and Michelle Canvas also pleaded guilty for conspiracy charges and money laundering. Martin Fox, the president of a Houston tennis club, also pleaded guilty for helping wealthy parents cheat on their children’s exams through a test center in Texas City. Canvas and also pleaded guilty for the admission scandal.

Canvas paid bribes to get his son to Georgetown University as a fake tennis recruit and also caught to help two of her daughters get a leg up on their Act exams. And Hodge paid more than $ 500,000 to get off his kid into the University of South California as bogus athletic recruits. On Monday, the latest scam pleads guilty some of 50 peoples for various roles in the racket. Some of the parents are still fighting the charges.