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Galaxy Note 10: All You Need To Know

Many people are planning to but the Galaxy Note 10.


Samsung releases innovative mobile phones and captures half of the market. Galaxy Note 10 will be having the more advanced features and will come with 5G and four rear cameras, yes four cameras in a phone. Everyone asked this question of why there are four cameras on the phone. Samsung explained that these are the 12MP primary and telephoto sensors along with 16MP ultrawide sensor, another hQVGA 3D depth-sensing camera.

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Image Source: Droid Life

Samsung has worked a lot to improve the quality of augmented reality (AR), and this contains accurate and smart AI with the powerful cameras best for the portrait mode. There is an unusual thing about this phone as it is named as SM-N975F and it is ending with five but usually, other Galaxy Note models end with 0. So this phone will be launching with the new and advanced 5G which will fasten up everything more, and there will also be a 4G model. 5G is coming in the trend soon, and most of the networks are claiming to launch it by the end of 2019. Hence Samsung’s phone will be ready for the future.

Samsung believes that it will be at the top as Apple is not planning to add on some innovations in their iPhones. Many criticized the Apple company of being lacking in innovation as we can compare all the iPhones and they will be having the same look except the screen size. So Samsung will be moving ahead and lessening its competition by launching the 5G phone and also the Galaxy Fold which is one of its kind and created a hype in the market. It is also being shown in the event of MWC, but those were the concept videos and media was not allowed to go close to the device as it needs much work to make it complete. So we are looking forward to the Galaxy Note 10.