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General Motors promises to deliver at least 20 new zero-emission electric cars by 2023

Along with Tesla, now General Motors is also lineup with a promise to deliver 20 new electric cars by the year 2023.


Electric cars are much in trend and here is one more update over the electric cars seekers. One of the most leading Electric cars manufacturer ‘Tesla’ is moving fine with the response over their last launch Tesla Model S and Model X. Tesla is still on a run to create an average number of electric cars. There is much need for electric cars but the availability is still short.

On Monday automobile giant General Motors announced to begin two new all-electric vehicles in next 18 months, also added that they will surely have at least 20 new zero-emission electric vehicles by 2023.

General Motors Electric Cars

The announced turned out global headlines and with this many other automobile makers revealed their planning on electric cars, some of them are listed below.

Volkswagen Group, world’s top automaker of the year 2016 revealed their planning that they will stuff the automobile industry with at least 80 new electric vehicles by the end of the year 2025. They have also added a bold statement which made people tend towards this whole sum announcement i.e. Volkswagen is planning to change their entire fleet into electric vehicles by 2030.

It is not just Volkswagen which made some announcements and revealed their plannings as big brands like Mercedes-Benz, Volvo, Jaguar and much more gave some enticing words over this concept of electric cars.

Mercedes-Benz promised to provide all its car with electric variants by the end of the year 2020. While on the other hand Volvo and Jaguar said that they will eventually stop building cars that run only on diesel and gasoline fuel.

“This latest event by GM regarding ‘all electric’ is further proof of a rapidly changing industry, whether the consumer wants it or not,” said Rebecca Lindland, the analyst at Kelley Blue Book.

There can be one more face of the entrance of electric cars in the industry, what if people will deny the use of electric cars over gasoline or diesel cars and that can be due to any reason like can be due to high price and others. In that case, the government of countries like India, United Kingdom, France and other will help in electricity the transport with a ban or periodic stop over fuel engines.