Home Headlines Girlfriend of Colin Kaepernick slams Jay-Z for NFL partnership

Girlfriend of Colin Kaepernick slams Jay-Z for NFL partnership


Colin Kaepernick

Girlfriend of Colin Kaepernick slams Jay-Z for NFL partnership
Colin Kaepernick and Jay-Z for NFL partnership: Image Source

Colin Kaepernick is one of the great footballers of America who played as a quarterback for team San Francisco and is known for not only his excellent game but for the voice he rose in order to mark a protest against racism Afro-Americans. Almost three years back Colin Kaepernick kneeled on one knee during the national anthem before the start of the game to mark his protest. At that time he was supported by all the people who felt that the black people have to face racism as well as brutal behavior by the American police. One of the leading supporters of Colin Kaepernick was Jay-Z who is the topmost rapper of America with a net worth of 1billion.

Three days back there was a news report in which it was revealed that the topmost rapper of the country is joining hands with the NFL. After the breaking of this news, the reactions from people started pouring in. the first and strongest reaction came from the girlfriend of the player saying that it was disgusting and disappointing that a person like Jay-Z has committed to working with NFL who is the most notorious and dishonest league in the history of football.

Talking about Kaepernick the radio personality Nessa wrote on Instagram on Thursday night that she and her supporters will never leave the supporting Kaepernick because your music hero is going to work with the people who have been trying their utmost to keep Colin unemployed for as long as possible, and all this is being done because he raised his voice for the rights of Afro-Americans and demanded to stop racism and police brutality against the Afro –Americans. She showed her disbelief in the collaboration between Jay-Z and NFL and said that now when Jay-Z will be working with NFL how they will be able to talk about injustice when they themselves are involved in keeping Colin unemployed just because of raising voice against injustice.

A few days back the NFL announced that it is working with Jay-Z owned entertainment company called Roc Nation, which will help a number of music artists for high profile performance like that of the super bowl.

Kaepernick Shared A Video Celebrating 3RD Anniversary Of His Kneeling Protest During The National Anthem

The partnership between NFL and Jay-Z is going to be seen in the NFL campaign called “inspire change” the goal of the campaign is to promote social justice and fight against injustice. Jay-Z who is a Grammy award winner has been in news for facing a lot of negative reaction from his fans. There are thousands of Jay-Z fans who call his partnership with NFL a business deal. In the past people have seen Jay-Z supporting and showing solidarity with Kaepernick it seems to be a u-turn from the music star as everybody knows the negative role of NFL in spoiling the careers of the footballers. Kaepernick is the person who faced disrespect from the world leader including President Trump for taking a knee during the national anthem to mark his protest against the brutality of police towards black and brown people and the injustice that they face.

Nessa while sharing her feeling with her Instagram followers said that buying a new popular figure to face the world while it enjoys the money is not new for the NFL. She said it is a common practice for the NFL to hide its dirt behind a face that has millions of fan. Nessa said that no one can doubt the intelligence of Jay-Z and so it was not expected of him to join the NFL and play in their hands. She said he is now helping the NFL bury the person he once called and icon personality (Colin Kaepernick).

Nessa said that no one can be fooled now with a master plan as people are now smart enough and can’t be bought by deceitful moves by NFL. Recently Kaepernick celebrated his third anniversary of registering his protest.


Eric Reid was the first one to join Kaepernick in kneeling during the national anthem in order to mark he protect. Eric and Kaepernick filed a case against the NFL which NFL tried and resolved out of court. He said that it was the injustice by NFL that has rendered Colin jobless and he is leading the life of an unemployed person. Eric calls it a money move by Jay-Z.

When the rapper was asked about his decision of joining NFL he said that he thinks it was high time to move forward towards something more than just kneeling. He said we need to do something to strengthen the communities and protect them from injustice.

Those who truly know Jay-Z initially refused to believe that he has really joined hands with the NFL. According to a number of his fans he should have thought about the notorious reputation of the NFL. It is a league that plays its politics with a career of even the best players. In fact, Jay-Z has lost a lot of fans just by joining the NFL.

Final Words

According to the stance of the NFL, their collaboration is going to strengthen the communities through music. According to some sources investigating the criticism done about Jay-Z joining NFL, NFL was having trouble finding a music performer for their events as most of the singers refused to work with a league that did not treat the player like Kaepernick well so it approached Jay-Z and an agreement was made between the two parties.

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