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Google Android O Launched For Developers Check Android “O” New Features Specs


Google just launched the first O developer preview of Android and now which can be downloaded from developer.android.com. It includes an updated SDK with system images and the official Android emulator and another Emulator for testing Wear 2.0 on Android O. Google has disclosed the upcoming Android version and also launched the developer preview at I/O developer conference and in last year it launched N developer along with Android Beta program by which you can get early builds via updates on Nexus devices. The first preview is not by Android Beta while like Nougat the Android O is now previewed earlier.

Google Android O Features Specifications

By manual download the said preview is available and google emphasizes that the preview is available only for developers and not for regular customers.

The main goal of launching O version is to be let developers play and test their applications on the new version O and then in starting it is to be known as O version till Google decides the name starting with letter O and after testing developers needs to give feedback at I/O 2017 which is going to held between May 17 to May 19.

Google Android O Launched For Developers Check Android "O" New Features Specs

For first preview the following features are available but you can expect more updates as this is just first preview.

(1) Background Limits: O version has extra limits on what apps can do in background like implicit broadcast, background services and location updates and these changes will make this version easier to create apps with reduced effect on user’s battery and device.

(2) Notification channels: Developers provide fine-grained control to users over various notifications along with that user can block the behavior of each individual channel rather than managing them together. New notification graphics and groupings are also possible with it.

(3) Auto fill APIs: How users can select a keyboard app is also can be selected by users and this app stores and secures user data like user names and passwords too.

(4) PIP (Picture in Picture): Users will have the facility to watch a video while they are answering chat or driving car. Apps automatically put themselves in this mode. For developers, they can specify the aspect ratio and set of custom communications like play or pause. Instead of system alert window now it can use overlay window and for launching an activity on a remote display; the multi-display support is also available.

(5) Front resources in XML: Apps can use now fronts in XML layouts which are fully supported resources type and also can define front families in it by announcing front weight and style with front files.

(6) Adaptive Icons: Developers can create them in various shapes according to a mask selected by the device. The system also can show animated interactions in launcher, shortcuts and settings and in the overview screen too.

(7) Wide-gamut colour for apps: Developers can take advantage to display wide gamut images and app will need to load bitmaps and just need to enable flag in their manifest.

(8) Connectivity: Bluetooth audio codecs are now supported with high-quality and new Wi-Fi features such as NAN available and nearby devices can find and communicate over Wi-Fi without internet access. Calling app support is also expanded to rely on the system phone app to display the call.

(9) Keyboard navigation: Predictable and reliable model for tab and arrow navigation is available which aids user along with developers.

(10) AAudio API for Pro Audio: Apps that needs high-performance and low-latency audio this new feature is designed using read and write data via streams.

(11) WebView enhancements: There is now API to handle errors and crashes by apps itself and developer can go for app’s webview objects to verify URs through Google browsing.

(12) Java 8 APIs and runtime optimizations: New java time API is supported by it and runtime is faster now with updates of up to 2x on some apps.

(13) Partner platform contributions: Silicon partners have speeded fixes and enhancements with hardware manufacturers and Sony mobile has 30 feature enhancements and 250 fixes to O version.

For seamless transition for users google is asking developers to make app compatible with Android O.