Google Developed Family Link App To Control Over Your Kids Via Smartphones

To look on children’s mobile activities, Google (Search engine Giant) has developed a new application which is family link app that helps to get control over your kids’ activities on their smartphones. However the fact that the smartphones provide knowledge as well as tablets also; probabilities would be there for show case of explicit content or manage e-commerce badly. There are few such cases available in the recent past which clearly shows how children fell into a trap get bullied.

Google Developed Family Link App Details

Google Family link descriptions says, ‘As your kid explores on their Android device, you can stay in the loop. Managing the applications that your children can use, looking on screen time and also setting bed time on your kids’ device; you can also set some digital ground rules by creating google account for your kid which is like your account that Google family let you allow to create.’ Parents can also control the apps that children can use and can put restrictions on the same.

Google Developed Family Link App To Control Over Your Kids Via Smartphones


Parents need to download the Google Family link app on their kid’s smartphone to establish account which should run Android Nougat. Through an early access program, now it is possible to create an account through the app. After that, request an invite from your children’s phone and one most important thing that your children needs to be less than 13 years old.

Here two steps are shown below to get started with the application:

Step1: Firstly, the application has to be downloaded on parent’s Android smartphone.

Step2:  Secondly, in the name of children create Google account via family link.

On the other hand, in the US the app is strictly restricted to use as of now and how Google will charge users; there is no information available.



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