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Google Pixelbook Review: A productive & future ready device

Google's Pixelbook is an awesome upgrade of Chromebook!


Google always tries to make its products better for its users and still decided to retain an image of innovator and creator of new things. This month Google make multiple changes in its products like some updates in its Google Photos App, Pixel 2, Pixel 2 XL and much more. Now it’s about the new launch by Google, i.e. Pixelbook which will bounce the level of comfort for youngsters.

Google has lifted the level of its Chromebook which was a widely used device in the classroom for students, but now Google launched Pixelbook with features which can be helpful for all kind of users. The software upgrades and other things made it qualitative. Google initially stopped the sale of original Chromebook Pixel as it wants to focus on the purchase of its new Chrome OS laptop.

Google Pixelbook

The device will cost you $999 but surely upgrade your joy of using Chrome OS which you might be holding in your school, college or service time.

The Pixelbook is holding a sleek design with an aluminium chassis with a satin finish and with a white glass panel on the lid. And the device looks like a cut piece of the cloth with which Pixel 2 was made.

The Pixelbook measures 12.3-inch with 2400×1600 LCD touch display along with a full bezel, some will say that this is a loophole, but actually, this will help in using the device in tablet mode. The device is convertible and provides two-in-one like laptop & tablet. The Pixelbook is much more than an exciting plot and will be a daily helping hand.

The Pixelbook is designed with one USB Type C port on either side which supports charging. The left-hand panel consists a headphone jack, volume rocker and a power button. The gadget is holding an excellent mic facility which enables a distance voice command to Google.

The Pixelbook is available with multiple variants like Core i5 Processor, 8GB RAM and 256GB Storage which is the common one to find among the population.