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Google starts taking pre-orders for its Clips camera silently


Google starting taking the pre-orders for its new range of the camera, i.e., Google Clips. The pre-booking figures intend company to stop making pre-orders temporarily, and thus the company discontinued it for a while. Google Clips is the company’s first artificial intelligence based camera. The company started taking pre-orders today itself without any official confirmation or pre-announced date. As the initial stock is understood to be limited thus, the pre-orders have been discontinued as of now.

Google Clips

The device was available for pre-orders on the Google Store. The store informs that all the pre-orders taken today will get delivered by February 27th or 28th and the delivery process may extend upto March 5th. California based tech giant unveiled Clips in October last year. The company took around four months to start accepting pre-orders for this device.

The camera is available for pre-order at a price of $249 along with free shipping with it. The device automatically captured videos and photographs and allows you to secure some beautiful moments with your family and your loving ones. The camera is this much tiny that you can even put in your shirt and it will capture all the moments of yours. And then you can transfer all those images and videos to your smartphone.

The company made it pretty secured as it works on its hardware and doesn’t need any external server to be connected. And thus it terminates the risk of leaking any data to third parties.

Google Clips will come with 16GB internal storage that will allow you to make it unclean for around a month. The camera is capable of capturing content at 15 frames per second. The camera may lack any handset support in the beginning as it will only be able to communicate with Google’s Pixel devices.