Google To Launch Premium Pixel 2 And Cheaper Pixel Smartphones Variants

Google is changing the working process in an unusual way. the typical slow corporation seems to already working on the new follow-up projects to the Google Pixel and Google Pixel XL. It is the line working for the another premium smartphone while the budget for the Google Pixel Variant is also in the process.

The more powerful processors are going to be featured by Smart phone Google Pixel 2 which proves it te next generation technology. Google is testing chipsets from the two different manufacturers for this phone and the companies are of course ‘Intel’ and ‘Qualcomm’. It seems that Google is also going through the Dilemma as Apple with their possible pickup to ditch Intel and go with Qualcomm for th mobile wifi modern chipset.

Google Pixel 2 And Cheaper Pixel Smartphones

One of the reason stated that it might cost more than the already hefty price tag on Google Pixel models with the top end specs. Sources have changed their specs ‘still on the table’ for the device.

The Camera area is expected to be the another feature of the Pixel 2. Though it will not going to have the large MP size although it is expected to compensate with some extra features. The guess for the extra features are stated to be the some new type of functionality that helps with low light photography: – it is an area where Apple and Samsung, the biggest competitors have their tremendous expertise.

Google To Launch Premium Pixel 2 And Cheaper Pixel Smartphones Variants
Google To Launch Premium Pixel 2 And Cheaper Pixel Smartphones Variants

Meanwhile the company is not focusing and wasting time to develop a cheaper Variant with not so expensive price tag and not so snazzy specifications.

It does makes a lot of sense when we talk about ‘a cheaper version’ because android have a ruff tuff for everything from premium smartphones with 3 digit high price tags to low end specs with limited capabilities.

It is crystal clear that Google wants to be in the SmartPhone space in a huge way, so, it shouldn’t be really surprising that the company is moving at unheard of speeds to get their plans in actions.

The Surprising thing here is that Google is doing it. The company has known for sitting on high potential technologies like AI and is still scratching the surface for revenues.



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