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Google to open dedicated, official stores in India


India, for obvious reasons, consists of one of the largest consumers of electronic gadgets in the world. There is a reason why major technology giants consider India to be their primary potential market for getting most of their profit business done. Regardless of how low the per capita income might be, the search giant looks at India as a nation that holds a lot of potentials.


The company recently launched its 2017 flagship smartphone – Pixel 2 and Pixel XL 2. They constructed pop-up stores at numerous destinations across India to sell the handset. After receiving a positive response to the Pixel 2 handsets at pop-up stores, it appears like the search giant has decided to set up permanent official stores where they will sell all their major products.

According to a report by Phone Arena, most of Google’s products will be available for sale through the Google store, in case this turns out to be true. The report further goes on to state that top-tier malls across India have claimed that Google has sent them requests to open dedicated Google stores in their given location. One of the executives went on to state that the search giant has realized that they cannot simply rely on their online stores to generate greater sales in the market.

There are many consumer inquiries that are best left resolved through a face-to-face confrontation or communication. He spoke of an example, which was quoted by Phone Arena as saying, “The executive pointed out that the pop-up store in his mall included a dark room so that consumers could see for themselves how well the Pixel 2 camera takes pictures in locations with low-lights.”

The Pixel 2 line-up will not be the only product available for sale for consumers. It is being suggested that Google plans on selling many of its other primary products like its smart home speaker, Google Home as well.