Google Virtual Reality Tilt Brush Toolkit Helps Artists To Work Better In 3D

Tilt Brush which is a virtual reality application. It allows users to manipulate their work in the form of a virtual 3D space. The app was bought in 2015 by Google. With the company’s release of this app of 3D sketch program in last April, innumerable 3D artworks have already been made. Tilt Brush is a tool for all types and styles to make art in virtual reality. Sketches made it stand out on their own. One can film their sketches, take 2D snapshots, and also export them as 3D objects. Though hasn’t been an easy way out to add interactivity, sequencing, or animation to your art.

Google Virtual Reality Tilt Brush

Creations and artworks in Tilt Brush remained in it only. The company, however, has currently released the open-source Tilt Brush toolkit that aims to its toolkit that will assist users in their creative endeavors even more. The app was used for creating static images which users were able to capture to photographs, film, and exported as 3D objects.

Google Virtual Reality Tilt Brush Toolkit Helps Artists To Work Better In 3D
Google Virtual Reality Tilt Brush Toolkit Helps Artists To Work Better In 3D

Although an easier way to add, interactivity, animation, and sequencing were lacking largely.  Users can now tinker with the app, and then have it forwarded to the Unity engine that is known to be utilized in video games and 3D software development.

Drew Skillman, the creative director of Tilt Brush said in a Google blog post that they were sharing all their brush shaders, streamlined Unity import pipeline, audio reactive code, file-format conversion utilities, and many other great examples so  hobbyists and professions could showcase their tilt brush art in new place, new platforms and in new ways..

The app offers a broad range of brushes like snow, smoke, ink, or fire that 3D art enthusiasts and users can check out. The interested users have to install Steam and then have the launch theirs after setting up HTC Vive. Final creations can be shared as cute animated GIFs or a room-scale VR. The Tilt Brush Toolkit includes a Unity SDK and Python scripts with everything that you need to make interactive stories, music videos, movies, video games or other projects using tools created in Tilt Brush.

Google is also encouraging artists and curious users to share their artwork and hashtag them on social media platform Twitter. If the google people will like the content, they will be highlighted on the official page Google VR Twitter profile.



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