Google Voice First Major Update Gets A New Look After 5 Years

A new improved Google voice has been just announced by Google that the company has tested few weeks back. In the today’s upgraded devices, you’ll find the updated versions of the voice for iOS, Android and on the web. Bringing to the line of Google’s other apps, the service available has given fresh much needed visual. Your inbox is now going to have separate blocks for calls, text messages and voicemails as notified by the Google’s changes on the blog post. You can easily notice your messages from each of your contact in a particular thread of conversations, all this at one place.

Google Voice First Major Update

The upgraded app consists of some features that till now was available with the apps like hangouts for some voice functions like voicemail and texting.

Function like group chatting has also been featured to the main voice apps which simply means that no hangouts required anymore. This another feature which people are asking for, from a long time and at which Google has been bad at until now. The group conversations are labeled very clearly and should going to work as you’ve expect them to do.

Google Voice First Major Update Gets A New Look After 5 Years
Google Voice First Major Update Gets A New Look After 5 Years

Google is introducing voicemail transcriptions for Spanish and other nice touches noticed in a few days admired testing is that the new Google voice include ‘in notification replies on android’ But sadly it is not going to be available for iOS platform. 3D touch support is going to be featured with iOS platform for a user to feel less like a relic from the early App store days.

It is just the ‘step one’, a redesign that seems more upgraded for the lost time than reinventing what Google is.

‘There is no need to step onto the new apps, but you want to try them out as the features are going to be updated with more betterment’ as said by a blogpost.

Google voice updates will introduced first to the Android followed by iOS in a couple days. Everyone is going to have it in the coming couple of days, as notified by Google.



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