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Government To Return To Controversial M-44 Traps For Capturing Wild Animals


There was a time when the government used cyanide bombs to keep away wild animals, and that practice is coming back. The Environmental Protection Agency has reissued the use of cyanide bombs to keep away animals like dogs, coyotes, foxes, and others from hurting the people. There is a rapid increase in interruption of the wild animals; they enter residential areas in search of food and hunt down people and their pets.


The famous YouTuber Logan Paul lost his dog named Kong as a coyote ate him while Paul was away. Where some people are in support of the act, many environmental groups are protesting, saying that such practices are evil. EPA officials gave the green light to practice M-44 traps which trap the animal and insert cyanide in the mouth of that wild animal.

Such devices can even harm humans, and this practice is not suitable for animals because it is going to kill thousands of them. Hundreds of animals get killed every year by the Wildlife services in context to save the crops.

EPA asked for public comments on the use of M-44 traps, and almost everyone said to ban this device. The M-44 traps are in use by states agencies of Montana, Wyoming, New Mexico, South Dakota, and Texas. “M-44s are horrific death traps full of cyanide that kill thousands of unsuspecting animals every year, even pets.

Despite overwhelming public opposition, the Trump administration just reauthorized their use.” Center for Bio Div. opposed the use of M-44 as they tweeted. EPA updated its rules and regulations to reduce accidents, including the devices, will stay 100 feet away from the public way. The signs are going to be 15 feet away from every bomb. The problem is increasing day by day, but people are also opposing the use of weapons.