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Great 4 Hip-Hop Diss Songs


Hip-Hop is a culture in which every artist built around toughness and swag, sp backing down or losing a battle with another artist will harmful to an artist’s career. One time lose and you can find yourself in nowhere or find yourself with a one-way ticket to the dimness. Some have destroyed their currier with just a couple of lines and some have built their entire carrier around beefing with other artists. So with beef always in season, Complex has selected the 50 best hip-hop to diss songs for your consumption. Vegetarians get out of that?.

“Who’s Fucking Who” By Compton()1992)

After Ultramagnetic MCs an American hip hop group based in the Bronx associate Tim Dog dissed the whole city of Compton, California, on his, titled “Fuck Compton”

The first person to attack back was Compton’s Most Wanted who threatened to burn Tim’s “Fuck Compton” hat, advised him not to travel to their hometown.

Spot On: Tim Dog

Producer: Dj Slip

Album: Driveby

Label: Epic Record/Orpheus

Best Lyrics in this Song: Fuck Tim Dog in the biker shorts,/Bitch, Fuck You Tim Dog/Fuck

Halfway Thugs Part 1 & Part 2(1998) By Noreaga

On “Halfway Thugs Pt. 2”, always entertaining Noreaga closed the gloves and threw hilarious lines like “you just crazy” because you were not in the Juice Crew, “and the trafficking of the 37-year-old Ham- eating Muslim and a crackhead who little Nas’ style.

Best Lyrics in the Song: He used to be black and proud now he wanna be hardcore”, “He doesn’t wanna be a Muslim no more”

Aim: Tragedy Khadafi

“Pimp Slapp’d” By Snoop Dogg(2002)

Genuine Lyrics in this Song: “This nigga’s a bitch similar his wife/Suge Knight’s a bitch and that’s on my life”

Aim: Kurup, Suge Knight, Death Row Records

Producer: Josef Laimberg

“Hit Em Up” By 2Pac(1996)

Aim: Mobb Deep, Puffy, Junior M.A.F.I.A., Lil Kim, The Notorious B.I.G., Chino XL

Producer: Johnny J

Best Lyrics in this music album: ” you fat motherfucker”, That’s why I fucked your bitch