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Hong Kong Protesters Connect The Protest with the US


We all know a large number of protesters are doing protest against the Government.
No Minister is listening to their demands and straightly declined everything which they demanded.

Protesters also protested outside the houses of ministers burned the public property, as well as protested on the railway station and stopped the trains to go.

Image Source: NY Times

Police are also trying so hard to stop the protesters as they threw waters as well as gas on them so that they can go away. Lat action which police took was they threw Blue dye on them which will leave a mark on their body which will allow police to arrest them later on.

After so long of protesting the Government has decided that now the army will come in between for the piece as they are slowly moving towards the airport and burning the area near the airport. The flight attendant saw all that and reported it as it’s the matter of security of those who come and go from the airport.

Jenny Lee, a 26-year-old lady, was seen holding the American flag on her shoulders, said in an interview that she is showing this to the world that they want freedom and democracy.

May authorities are using that kind of action as evidence against the Chinese officials as what they show and organize a campaign like America and stop the protest which is running now from the last three months.

Severe Trade war is also going on between both the countries China and the US, which is affecting the world economy as well as the economy of both the countries.

The situation between both countries is getting worst day by day, which can be seen on social media also.

If it doesn’t stop soon, it can also result in the great war.