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Honor 8 Pro Smartphone Specs Features Review – A Step Towards The Right Direction


Honor has just simply improved and blown up this original Honor 8 Pro smartphone and the consequence is a tremendous premium Honor, 8 Professional. We’ve had a few days with the device already and also here’s whatever we think up to now.

Towards the end of 2016, the Huawei’s funky as well as youthful Honor brand released a marvelous Honor 8 Pro. It was for all intents plus purposes a flagship gadget, the best premium smartphone under the best Honor name. Compared, a lot of others Honor mobiles such as the Honor 6X expense under your price range and also pack a lot more modest specs.

Honor 8 Pro Features Specifications

Within six month, we have a brand new updated model of this Honor 8. The recently introduced Honor 8 Pro does not just boast a number of upgraded specs, nevertheless. The 5.7-inch cell phone is notably bigger than the particular original 5. 1 inch Honor 8 as well, putting this in line with Huawei mighty Mate 9.

Here is our early on Honor 8 Pro review just after spending a couple of days with this specific flagship phone killer.

Honor 8 Pro Smartphone Specs Features Review - A Step Towards The Right Direction

The particular Honor 8 Pro boosted dimensions- certainly makes this one for phablet enthusiasts alone. This specific mighty 5. 7-inch cell phone is significantly much larger than an LG G6 and additionally Samsung Galaxy S8, even though screen stretches basically edge to edge just for the narrow build. In collaboration with the curved corners and edges, you’ve got a comfortable enough gadget to clutch designed for extended durations.

Flip this Honor 8 Pro over and you will discover the bright surfacing of this unique Honor 8 has long been ditched. Instead, we have the very same brushed finish of the majority of other Honor handsets, accessible in a range of three shades: gold, black and also blue. We especially like that deep blue model.

This Honor 8 Pro is not water resistant, unfortunately; however, the particular one piece precious metal frame is durable enough to stand some serious punishment. Just after a few days of solid utilize, there is not really a single scratch as well as scuff mark present. Typically the high-end camera bar is flush together with the surface; therefore there are not any specific jutting bits in order to speak of.

Furthermore, around the back side is a fingerprint sensor that is a little bit high up for the liking. We once in a while had to stretch and adjust our own grip to reach the particular scanner, although this is pleasingly responsive along with accurate when you find it.

Moreover, Honor 8 Pro display is probably not the most vibrant out presently there, providing realistic image reproduction rather than punchy visuals. Nonetheless, this massive 5. 7-inch display screen boasts the Quad HD resolution similar to the very best flagship mobile phones, which includes Huawei’s unique P10 Plus.

If you are after the portable media device, you cannot go wrong; high def videos look fantastic, while the spacious design of the panel signifies you can easily watch movies or even marathon YouTube video clips for hours. A powerful maximum brightness means one will not be bothered just by irritating glare while outdoors, either.

Since usual you have an awesome Eye Comfort mode that makes for more relaxed night time watching. This specific filters blue lighting to make pictures easier on the vision, and additionally, reduce fatigue.

You get an abundance of other apps as well, which includes an array of free games and plenty of Huawei efforts just for managing the machine, tracking your day to day activities and so forth. Fortunately, you are able to uninstall just about any you do not want. Huawei’s most recent Emotion UI 5. 1 overlay additionally offers the choice of adding an applications tray; consequently, you can hide aside apps rather than having these clutter your desktops.