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Horror Drama Series The Walking Dead Season 7 Latest News Spoilers


The walking dead is an American Horror Drama television series which was developed by Frank Darabont, based on the series of the same name by Robert, Tony Moore & Charlie Adlard. Whereas, Andrew Lincoln plays the show lead character. Much of the series take place within the Atlanta, Georgia metro area & surroundings countryside. Later on, the setting transition moved to other parts of the country, including Alexandria Virginia.

The Walking Dead Season 7 Spoilers

The Waking Dead was premiered in the United States on October 31, 2010, which is exclusively shown on Cable television channel AMC & internationally on Fox International channel. The rank of the show has impeccably grown to the heights for a cable series & AMC has renewed the series each year.

The Walking Dead Season 7

The walking dead attracts the most 18-49 years old viewers of any cable or broadcast television series & now, it is presently arising its seventh season, which began on October 23, 2016 & now, it has been renewed for an eighth season to air in late 2017. The seventh season will consist of 16 episodes that are split into eight-episode parts.

The walking dead season 7 has been one of the blasted seasons so far.

Who will die in the second half of the walking dead season 7 the season has packed some of the most brutal, horrifying violent sendoffs into its first eight episodes. Whether you are one of the 7 million people who quit the AMC Series after the tough-to-shallow season 7 premiere.

All the fans are well aware about the fact that that one of the beloved member of the Alexandria family is going to get his or head bashed in during the opening moments of the first season 7 episode. Though the identity of the deceased has yet to be unveiled.

Eugene is still alive in the comic book, but The Walking Dead TV Show is not above throwing a major curveball to keep audiences on their toes. It sounds more & more likely that Glenn is a Goner.

But, when it comes to Eugene we’re not so sure his days a numbered quite yet. Yes, Josh McDermitt is confirmed to be a part of the new Twin Peaks revival crew.

Let’s just pray that he’s a day player and not done with the walkers yet!