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Hotel Hard Rock Collapses at New Orleans


Under Construction building of Hotel Hard Rock in New Orleans partially collapsed on Sunday. Two people died, and three are missing, which are presumed to be dead, around ten people were injured. The top two floors of the building collapsed which were under construction, efforts are being placed to searching the missing persons.

The portion of the building came crashing down were more than 100 workers were present on the site, video footage showed worker stepping out of the giant cloud of dust after top floors of the building collapsed.

Image Credit: Fox Business

The area under the future Hotel construction is evacuated from Thursday as emergency workers are planning to pull down two unsecured cranes that are still hanging. Louisiana Governor John Bel Edwards raised concerns about our unstable cranes due to the prediction of the storm in the Gulf of Mexico, which would cause high winds. Mayor LaToya Cantrell had already declared an emergency for the city due to Strom.

Timothy McConnell, Fire Chief of New Orleans said that experts would plan and place explosives onto cranes in hopes to get cranes down by Friday evening before dark.

Ten people who got injured during under construction Hotel building collapse have filled a lawsuit against the construction companies. The attorney representing victims: Steve Herman and Rene Rocha said that the first investigation needs to done on what had happened and we need to make sure nothing such an incident occurs in the future. The lawsuit claims negligence in planning, accessing and monitoring the construction. Moreover, it also claims that building structural support was insufficient to bear the weight of concrete slabs on the upper floors.

Citadel Builders, one of the construction companies named in the lawsuit, said on its website that deaths had shocked and saddened them, they are grateful for the injured who return home. They added, safety is on topmost priority for their employees and sub-contractors, they work with the most exceptional engineering minds in the world and will get to the bottom of the incident.