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How to Link Sarahah with Instagram

Sarahah has over 300 million users in 30 countries and it is not just popular with Snapchat and Instagram, people are sharing their profile on Facebook and WhatsApp also.


The Sarahah app one of the trending app in the World. It is a social networking site released in February 2017 by the Saudi developer ZainAlabdin Tawfiq. Sarahah was developed to help people to discover the strength of encouragement and give an honest feedback to any friend or employees or their boss. You will also receive messages from other users. This App also helps in self-development. Without reliving your identity you can now say whatever you want.

Just like Sarahah is trending with the Snapchat app, It is also getting popular with Instagram. Sarahah has over 300 million users in 30 countries and it is not just popular with Snapchat and Instagram, people are sharing their profile on Facebook and WhatsApp also.

Instagram have billions of user and everyone knows it is one of the popular social media apps. Many are wanting to link their Sarahah profile with Instagram. But recently Sarahah has removed the search box option, because of this people are facing difficulties in finding their friends. The only method to search for your friend and other unknown person is to share Sarahah link with other social media apps.

Many users are wanting to link their account with Instagram. So today I’m sharing two simple step by step method, which will help you to link easily with the Instagram.

Method 1: How to Link Sarahah with Instagram:

  • First on your phone open and login to your Instagram account.
  • By sliding left go to the Instagram story.
  • Now select a video or a picture, Or you can just take a Snap.
  • Now click on the Chain Link icon, which will be showing on the top of the picture/video.Link Instagram with Sarahah
  • Now a new window will open like the image given below.link instagram with sarahah
  • Now in place of entering Link, type your Sarahah username like terrenceyorke.Sarahah.com don’t leave space in your name.
  • Do not cut copy and paste. Write your user name manually
  • Click on Done or Green tick after typing your Sarahah user name.
  • When you have successfully get connected with Instagram the chain link on top will turn white.

Method 2: How to Link Sarahah with Instagram:

This method is for that user who doesn’t have a chain link feature on the Instagram

  • Open Instagram App
  • Go to your setting
  • Click on the Edit Profile
  • Now type your Sarahah user name example: terrenceyorke.Sarahah.com (Without Space)
  • Now hit on the Done button and congrats your Sarahah profile is now linked with Instagram.

Now you can easily link your Saraha and Instagram with these easy methods. But if you are still facing any problem do let us know and feel free to share your experience with us in the comment below.