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How to tackle stress this festive season, Ministry of Health highlights the importance


Ministry of Mental Health and Addictions of British Columbia reminded people that self care should not be neglected this holiday season. This holiday season will bring lots of happiness but at the same time it also causes various mental pressures by traveling, busy schedules, guest visits, hosting, increased financial pressures along with some sad memories.

All of these factors can affect your well being and mental peace. In order to get yourself out of these stress, you can try out these methods to get some relief.

  1. Talk about your stress: When you are having some problems or doubts or the things which are bothering you then it is the best solution which can prove out to be the best in relieving your stress. Holidays does not mean that you cannot share your problems and talking to your loved ones will help you out.
  2. Take out quality time: Giving time to yourself also will help you to resist the mental stress and take out time for some recreation.
  3. Limit your budget: First set your budget for the festival season and do not exceed your budget which will cause financial pressure later on.
  4. Stress-busting activities:  Practice stress-busting activities all year and this will prove out to be the best exercise which a man can follow and will help them to cope with the stress which occurs during the festive season.

For added support, many mental-health and substance-use services and supports are available throughout the province for adults, youth and children, and links to those resources can be found here.