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Hurricane Destroys Bahamas


Every year hurricanes destroy many regions of the US. This year storms are back and dealing with massive damage.

As per previous reports, we know hurricanes were moving towards the North and were just 100 miles away from Florida. It expected that it would reach Florida by today night and is expected to reach Carolina by the end of this week.

Image Source: Abc News

By now, a minimum of 7 people are dead, and on the other hand, dozens of people are yet to get rescued in the Bahamas.

Many operations are going on to protect the civilians, and everyone is hoping for the best. The government is also trying to help in, however, is possible. A red alert has been issued in Florida and areas near Florida as it is about to enter Florida.

Everyone is requested to be in their houses, Hospitals, businesses have closed, and everyone asked for not to go out of their home.

Rescue missions are going on in the Bahamas by volunteers and civilians. They’re trying their best to rescue their family, friends, neighbors, and strangers on their boat, jet skies and hope everything will get good soon.

By the time volunteers have saved dozen of people who were swimming in the water, hanging on the roofs or some were in shape that they were not even able to move. They have seen their known ones getting carried by the hurricanes and threw away.

The storm is too bad, and conditions are too worst that many of the skies and boats got flipped while attempting to rescue people.

Many of the people thought that rescue operation would begin by Wednesday morning because the day before Wednesday many of the helicopters were seen flying in the air to see what are the conditions and what to do to help everyone.