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Interview of Survivors of California Boatfire Incident


We all know earlier this week a boat caught fire in California and many got died. The ship was 75 feet long and left the cost on Saturday and was expected to come back by Monday but never came back.

It was a three-day trip, but it lasted forever as the boat caught fire and got skunked. When firefighters went there for the rescue, they rescued five of the total passengers, and more than 35 people were still missing.

Image Credit: Fox News

Firefighters weren’t able to act as it was foggy over there. Many investigations were done to get to know how the boat caught fire. At that time it was reported that approx 30 people are still missing.

On the next day, it reported that 25 dead bodies found and approx nine people were still missing, and firefighters were trying their best to rescue them safely.

In a recent interview with the official, we also got to know that there were three daughters present at the boat which were celebrating the birthday of their dad along with their stepmom and their dead bodies found.

Now today as per recent reports we got to know that 33 bodies got recovered from the location where the boat caught fire.

To investigate more and get to know how the boat caught fire, authorities are now taking interviews of the survivors who witnessed it and watched it live.

The owner of the Cruze company was also present there on the boat and got died, and the body is yet to get recovered as per reports.

The captain and four other crew members were the only five people who got rescued and saved their life, but 34 people are dead.

Now, interviewers will go In more depth to find out what exactly happened over there.