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iPhone X re-sale is the new way to make quick bucks: Must See

Reselling of iPhone X can be a new way to earn quick money.


Apple iPhone X with almost zero bezel display was introduced in Apple’s 10-anniversary event held on September 12. The event launched iPhone 8, iPhone 8 Plus and iPhone X. iPhone 8 and iPhone 8 Plus are getting a much positive response over the sale. The iPhone X pre-order started on October 27, and the delivery was expected on November 03, which was successfully done by Apple.

Now the people who got the device yesterday by standing for hours in front of Apple Store are now re-selling their iPhone X over e-commerce platforms like eBay for a today profit. People bought with for around $999 and now selling the smartphone at various prices starting from a range of $1450 and the highest if of $6,710.

iPhone X on Ebay

It was shocking to see $6,710 price tag for a smartphone which actually cost $999. People found a way of making money with this re-sale of iPhone X. As we all know that there are various people who don’t want to be a part of the queue in front of Apple Store and want to have the gadget in hands quickly and for that they agree to pay a little more.

There are various websites where the iPhone X is listed for resale like eBay, and much more. That was amazing to see the height of craziness that a man has listed the iPhone X for more than 6000 bucks.

The scenario is just like which was earlier seen in India for the resale of Mi smartphones on OLX and Quickr. This resale of iPhone X will also come under a part of the public promotion as people will get focused on this too.